The New Logitech Harmony 1100 Advanced Universal Remote Control

Hi! I’m Lloyd Klarke and I’m part of the Harmony team in Toronto, Canada that makes kick-butt remote controls. My job at the office is the director of product marketing, but at home, I’m the backyard bar-b-que king.

I’ve always enjoyed the annual trek to Las Vegas for CES to see all the new products. TVs are always a highlight with bigger screen sizes and thinner profiles (I read that Samsung is now at 6.5 mm!). But what really amazes me is the dizzying amount of new devices launched every year for our living rooms. Thousands of manufacturers and thousands of products – that’s where Harmony remotes come in. :)

At this year’s CES, we’re announcing the newest addition to the Harmony line, the Harmony 1100, a 3.5” touch-screen, tablet-style remote. Like all of our Harmony remotes, it makes all those new (and old) devices in your living room work together. You just touch the button that says “Watch a Movie” and your Harmony powers on your TV, stereo, DVD player and sets all the inputs. (One customer told me that it even starts his popcorn maker!)


What sets the Harmony 1100 apart from the rest is its ability to deliver personalized control for my unique entertainment habits. Each of the main screens includes 2 sidebar areas where you can place whatever command you need (or want). For example, I have a HDTV and rent a lot of DVDs so I’ve added a surround sound button and an aspect ratio button to the screen that shows play, pause, and stop, (the transport screen). When we watch TV, I go for the movies and a few sports channels but my wife likes watching Brothers and Sisters and Lipstick Jungle on network TV. To make us both happy, I added channel logos to favorites screen and because we use a DVR, I then added a few TiVo commands.

But enough about me. I’d love to hear about your customized setup!

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Director of Product Marketing, Harmony


  • the harmony 1100 works great with my multiple devices including my tv, dvd, and vcr. i recommend this device to anyone with a clutter of remotes and multiple devices much like myself.

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