Looking to improve your workflow with ChatGPT? We have you covered with the new Logi AI Prompt Builder available today

We are all looking for shortcuts to be more productive. ChatGPT has certainly helped us all optimize our schedules but we know not everyone has the technical confidence to master this skill. Today we are introducing Logi AI Prompt Builder, a free tool that accelerates prompts for Open AI’s ChatGPT, transforming Logitech keyboards and mice into shortcuts to ChatGPT fluency.

Logi AI Prompt Builder is a software window that pops up via the Logi Options+ app with the touch of a button, providing a shortcut to AI fluency for anyone with a Logitech mouse or keyboard compatible with Logi Options+ software. 

While we are not new to the AI space – we have our Smart Actions for new workflows and have integrated AI to improve product experience, including MX Brio and Logitech Sight – Logi AI Prompt Builder is our innovation to help democratize the use of ChatGPT by providing fast, fluent, and fluid AI access for free with our software.

Logi AI Prompt Builder can be accessed for free by Windows and Mac users via the  Logi Options+ app. Additionally, we are introducing the Logitech Signature AI Edition Mouse available exclusively on Logitech.com in the United States and the United Kingdom for $49.99 and £54.99, respectively. Download it for yourself and see how quickly your workflow changes!


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