Supreme Court EPA Ruling; A Retreat in Addressing Climate Change

Yesterday’s US Supreme Court ruling in West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a major step backwards for our ability as a community of nations to address climate change, and it could not have come at a worse time. Carbon emissions are rising, extreme weather events are increasing, and the world needs more leadership from the United States, not less.

Companies like Logitech are doing what we can to reduce our own emissions and provide consumer transparency (via product labels) on the carbon in our products, but we need global governments to provide the underlying policy support. That includes empowering agencies like the EPA to have the authority to protect the environment and public health today and for future generations. Strong enforcement of effective laws is a critical component of any reasonable, effective strategy to combat the threat of climate change.  

This ruling is a monumental retreat in enabling the federal government to address the climate crisis and advance the urgent solutions required to save our planet.  We call on U.S. elected leaders to seek new ways to empower the EPA to address the climate crisis.  We all need to do our part by taking responsibility to leave behind a better planet for our future generations.  

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