For millions of people, Pride is a joyful display of solidarity and support, celebrated across the globe in a number of different ways, through street parties, community events, festivals and educational opportunities. Once again, cities around the world saw the welcome return of Pride parades and festivals after the COVID pandemic led to cancellations. 


This year, we were joined by a rich community of creators across our social channels and together we celebrated the voices of our community as they live, create, and break boundaries—openly. We were honored with original artwork from our LGBTQ creator community that was and will continue to be exhibited on our global social channels. The first in the series (below) is from @FinchFish  who created this stunning Pride art piece for our social channels. Finch is a digital and games concept artist who grew her artistic abilities through her community and her own self-driven path. Beyond Finch you’ll see our own Defy Logic 1.0 Alum, Mercedes Bazan, and other artists creating more unique content in the coming months as we continue to elevate voices of incredible artists who remind us what Pride really means. 

Pride is more than a celebration, it is also about advocacy, political activism and supporting organizations working to advance LGBTQ+ rights required year-round. Through the Logitech Cares Fund, held at the Tides Foundation, we have donated to GLAAD, the Trevor Project and Fundusz dla Odmiany. Internally, teams across Logitech hosted a range of speakers from organizations such as GLAAD,  the Transgender Equality Network Ireland, Workplace Pride and even contestants from RuPaul’s Drag Race, because through learning we all grow and become more understanding and inclusive.


At Logitech, equality is a fundamental value, and being open and ourselves is a central feature of the inclusive culture we are building. We strive for a world of inclusive workplaces where LGBTQ+ people can truly be themselves, are valued, and through their contributions, help to lead the way for others. Our commitment to our LGBTQ+ colleagues, customers, partners and community extends beyond just the month of June, we believe that driving equality and human rights needs to be remembered every day.



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