Introducing COLLAB: Stories About the Power of People

As business, culture and environments shifted significantly over the past year, many stories, good and bad, emerged of how institutions weathered the storm. While many were stopped in their tracks, the boldest of organizations stepped up and took on massive challenges to bring larger-than-life goals to reality. 

Seeing the impact of these organizations’ work reaffirmed our belief that incredible things happen when people connect. Add passion and powerful collaboration tools, and the result is inspiring stories like the ones we’re excited to share in our new video series, COLLAB. With each new episode, we will highlight how teams overcame the challenge of distance to make big things happen.

Reviving a beloved tradition

For one organization, Founders Entertainment (part of LiveNation), their driving force was to bring live music back to New York City. For too long, the Big Apple had shut down live events amid the pandemic, and it was time for the  “city that never sleeps” to wake back up again. 

Founders, the organizers of NYC’s largest music festival, Governors Ball, found a way to organize 70 musical acts over a three-day experience. Through video conferencing technology and determination to bring live music back to NYC, these teams virtually worked together to achieve a feat that is demanding even in the best of times.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at how this group collaborated from multiple remote locations to rekindle the magic of live music in time for GovBall’s 10th anniversary.

Tackling critical sustainability challenges

While LiveNation was reviving a beloved tradition in New York, Siemens is reimagining cities of the future around the world. Recognizing that changing environments present a host of urban challenges such as carbon emissions and infrastructure quality, Siemens set out to find a way for cities to tackle those barriers to sustainability.

Siemens, whose teams span Germany, Vienna, Shanghai, and the US, interacted daily to develop the City Performance Tool, a leading-edge simulator used in multiple decisionmaking scenarios. The tool evaluates buildings, transport and energy technologies in a given city through more than 400 data points and 70 technologies. The result is a prescriptive readout of the implementation rate needed to meet that city’s future environmental targets. 

Siemens’ worldwide specialists collaborated using Logitech video conferencing technology to develop this innovation that is being deployed in cities around the world. Witnessing their vision become reality is truly a testament to how the right technology can amplify the power of people to achieve mission-critical goals.


Amplifying the power of people

Soon, we will tell the story of how a major athletics brand  launched an all-new platform designed to boost the next generation of athletes to elite performance. This is just the beginning of our storytelling series that highlights incredible progress and transformations across industries that have profound impacts on culture, environment, and business.

We believe the bigger the initiatives, the better the tools needed to achieve them. That’s why we’re proud that these intrepid organizations–our customers– have used Logitech to power the most ambitious of goals. Watch our social media channels for new episodes of COLLAB in the coming weeks!