TSM x Logitech G: A Partnership for the Ages

Team SoloMid (TSM) turned 10 this year, and we’re here to help them celebrate. 10 years of wins, losses, lifelong friendships, and stadiums chanting the iconic TSM!, TSM!, TSM!.

For more than 5 years, Logitech G has shared a deep partnership with TSM, the kind of partnership that doesn’t come around every day. In that time, we’ve been right along side of TSM in every step of their journey. We’ve cheered in celebration of their six League of Legends LCS championships, supported each other in times of defeat, and worked together to help build a stronger team. 

In turn, TSM has been integral to the growth of Logitech G. They are trusted advisors, helping us to see the world of esports more clearly and have helped us build a strong and passionate brand. The players and managers of the various TSM teams have collaborated with us on numerous product designs, providing key insights into what a pro athlete needs to compete at the highest level. They’ve placed their hands on early product concepts and rigorously tested our prototypes to make sure that our customers, just like their pro players, will have the very best gear available

Andy Dinh, the CEO and founder of TSM, had a vision of building a team that would positively impact the lives of millions of fans and advance the sport of competitive gaming. The organization started as a community to help new players better compete in the game he loved. While TSM has grown phenomenally through the years to become one of the most valuable, premier organizations in esports, they’ve never lost that strong connection with the community. From guide site and LOL championships, to working with some of the earliest personalities and world class content creators and entertainers, and Logitech G has been there every step of the way. TSM is a partner we are honored to work and grow with. 10 years is a lifetime in this new world of mainstream esports, and we’re excited to have been a key partner in the journey.

To mark the celebration of the TSM 10 year anniversary, we collaborated with the TSM team to create a highly limited, TSM X anniversary design. The special edition includes custom design and colorway of the Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse and Logitech G640 Mousepad in both white and black contrasting colorways. TSM and Logitech G will be hosting multiple giveaways opportunities online and for TwitchCon 2019 attendees, while also auctioning mice to benefit STARLIGHT. Follow LogitechGesport and TSM on twitter, to find out more about how you can win one of these limited edition celebration products. 

Please join us in celebrating with them:  TSM! TSM! TSM!”