Logitech Sync: Scale Made Simple

By David Zhai

People love Logitech Video Collaboration solutions for their thoughtful design and outstanding value – both of which have made it possible for IT teams to video-enable their meeting rooms at scale. And as organizations begin to scale, they also need the ability to manage hundreds, or even thousands, of meeting rooms.

Today, we’re delighted to introduce Logitech Sync. Sync is a modern, cloud-based platform that helps to monitor and manage a company’s Logitech video conferencing devices, and in the future, will provide insights about each meeting room.

Sync simplifies supporting rooms at scale with an intuitive interface that’s powered by a cloud-based architecture for streamlined site and room onboarding. It allows our customers to easily monitor room health and keep devices up to date.

Sync offers:

  • Monitoring. A real-time dashboard that highlights rooms with issues so IT managers can dig into the details. That means fewer surprises and urgent requests for help.
  • Management. Remote management so customers can easily deploy upgrades and bug fixes across all of their meeting rooms from just about anywhere in the world.  
  • Insights (coming in 2020). Coming next year, Sync will also measure how rooms are used, giving our customers the insights needed to optimize their meeting rooms.

And it gets better… Logitech Sync’s core monitoring and management capabilities are free! Sync monitoring and management capabilities are now available through a private beta and will be offered at no additional cost. Customers interested in applying for the private beta are encouraged to complete this form for consideration in the program.

But wait… there’s more! Thanks to Sync’s API and a strong partner ecosystem, IT pros, facility managers, and managed service providers can benefit from centralized, cross-platform solutions to monitor, manage, and analyze meeting rooms and devices. Barco, Domotz, Nectar, and Utelogy are the initial set of partners that will integrate with Sync APIs, and we’re looking forward to welcoming additional partners into the mix. Logitech Sync APIs are available now – interested partners can contact Logitech using this form.

We’re excited to round out our video conferencing portfolio with Sync, and we’re confident our customers will love it too. For more information, visit our website.