Introducing Logitech’s Most Advanced Ergonomic Mouse – MX VERTICAL

#DYK, according to Forrester, 57 percent of computer users experience pain and discomfort while using a computer, while 12 percent experience pain or discomfort on a daily basis. Those of us who use computers on a regular basis need a credible solution that allows us to stay focused on our work, rather than distracted by any sort of pain. That’s why we decided to make our first, vertical ergonomic mouse solution.

Meet the new Logitech® MX VERTICAL, our most advanced ergonomic mouse that combines science-driven ergonomic design with the performance of Logitech’s MX series.

Scientifically tested and ergonomist approved, MX VERTICAL is designed with a natural handshake position and a 57-degree vertical angle to reduce forearm strain and wrist pressure and muscular activity by up to 10 percent compared to a standard mouse. The comfort form is designed to fit a variety of hand shapes and sizes, while the textured rubber surface and thumb rest ensure a solid and natural grip.

MX VERTICAL has a best-in-class 4,000 DPI high-precision sensor, which means up to 4x less hand movement and reduced fatigue. The cursor speed switch lets you instantly adjust DPI speed and accuracy of your cursor with the touch of a button. And, you never have to worry about your mouse running out of power because the rechargeable battery lasts up to four months on a full charge, and a quick one-minute charge gets you three hours of use. Enabled with both Logitech Easy-SwitchTM and Logitech FlowTM, you can seamlessly switch between two computers with MX VERTICAL, and copy and paste content, images and documents between them.

Get to know the most advanced ergonomic mouse in the game with MX Vertical, available in black for $99.99, at

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