Stand Up for Better Wireless Charging with New Logitech POWERED

Logitech is changing the way you charge your iPhone with today’s introduction of the Logitech POWERED Wireless Charging Stand. Designed in collaboration with Apple, POWERED is a wireless charging stand for iPhone 8®, iPhone® 8 Plus and iPhone® X that makes it easy to charge and use your iPhone at the same time.

Whether charging your iPhone overnight on a nightstand, at your desk in the daytime, or anywhere a charger can sit, POWERED holds your iPhone in a snug and comfortable position so you can check notifications, read a recipe, FaceTime® with friends or watch your favorite shows in either portrait or landscape mode – all while charging your device. The rubberized u-shape cradle keeps your iPhone stable even with a protective case up to 3mm thick, so it’s safe and continuously charging. And, there’s no need for exact alignment just drop your iPhone in the cradle and go.

POWERED delivers up to 7.5W charging for iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X only and up to 5W charging for all other Qi-enabled devices.

Stand up for better wireless charging with POWERED, available in off-white for $69.99 at or Apple stores.

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