Sharing Your Screen Just Got A Whole Lot Easier with Logitech Screen Share

It happens to business people every day… you’re in a conference room on a video call (whether it’s Zoom, BlueJeans, or any number of conferencing apps), and someone in the room asks to share data or a document from their computer. So what do they do?

They join the call from their own laptop (often leaving their mic, speaker, and camera turned on so we all hear that awful feedback and get that awesome up-the-nose look). After fumbling around and turning off these settings, they apologize, take a moment to regain their composure, and finally start sharing their screen. And if they don’t work here, they need to get authenticated and connected to Wi-Fi, download the conferencing app, and then they can go through the steps listed above.

Sure, it works – we can see it on the display in the front of the room. But we endure this stressful, tedious process every time someone new needs to present. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could share your screen without the hassle of joining the call on your personal laptop – or even being connected to the internet? Well today, you can!

Logitech Screen Share offers easy, wired content sharing for meeting rooms with dedicated computers. Powered by an HDMI capture device and companion application for the conference room PC or Mac, Screen Share is a simple solution for sharing content with others in the room, as well as with remote participants via any meeting or video conferencing service.

Just connect the HDMI cable to your laptop and your screen is shown by the in-room PC or Mac. This enables anyone to quickly present content to the local screen or into a video call. There’s no need for meeting attendees to install, pair, or configure anything. It’s as easy as plugging in a cable!

Screen Share combines a familiar in-room workflow with rock-solid reliability and responsive performance. Packing advanced technology in a hideaway package, it is a snap to install, simple to use, and affordable enough to deploy in every conference room.

Below are a few feature highlights:

-Instant Sharing. Connect an HDMI cable to instantly share content on the meeting room display. There’s no need to check and recheck the meeting ID or pairing code. No more fumbling with input sources and remote controls. A wired connection just works, so there’s no guesswork, and meetings start on time.

-Share to Any Meeting. Don’t leave remote colleagues at the dark end of a conference call. Logitech Screen Share works with Zoom, Skype for Business, WebEx, BlueJeans, and other meeting and video conferencing services.

-Compact and Powerful. Packed with video encoding technology and yet impressively compact, Logitech Screen Share device connects to the conference room computer through USB, and provides an HDMI input for instant content sharing.

-In-Room Projection. Meeting participants can stop crowding around a laptop! Just connect to Logitech Screen Share to project your presentations, spreadsheets, documents, and videos on the in-room display.

-People + Content. The Screen Share Application runs on the in-room computer for easy sharing into online meetings. Meanwhile, the in-room video and audio remain active, so presenters can share content while being seen and heard at the same time.

-Sharp and Responsive. Jumpy cursors and jittery screens frustrate participants and disrupt meetings. With its ultra low-latency HDMI connection and on-board video processing, Logitech Screen Share delivers a sharp and responsive experience in every meeting. This means natural-feeling navigation, instant typing, smooth scrolling, and 1080p HD video at up to 30 frames per second.

-HD Video + Audio. Share a preview of your latest video project. Get feedback on work-in-progress. Showcase your portfolio on YouTube and Vimeo. With support for HD video and audio over HDMI, Logitech Screen Share lets you share videos as they were meant to be seen and heard.

-Adapter and Mobile-Friendly. For devices without a HDMI connection, simply connect a suitable adapter. This lets you share from any device with a video output, including smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks, digital cameras, and media players.

-Complements Your Meeting Room Computer. Add wired content sharing to Zoom Room systems and other PC- and Mac-based conference room solutions, like Logitech ConferenceCam Kit with Intel® NUC, to instantly share your screen into any online meeting.

 You can purchase Screen Share later this year at an MSRP of $299.