RightSight 2 Grid View and CollabOS 1.8: Welcome to More Inclusive Hybrid Meetings with Grid View

The hybrid workplace presents unique challenges, with its mix of in-person and at-home meeting participants. For remote workers, it can be difficult to see all the in-room participants when multiple people are squeezed into a single video stream. This makes it harder to see key communication signals like facial expressions that are crucial for effective collaboration. In-person meeting participants are also not represented on screen equitably.

It’s more important than ever to bridge the gap between physical and digital spaces and create an equitable collaboration experience for everyone. That’s why in CollabOS 1.8, we are pushing the boundaries of hybrid meetings with the introduction of Grid View to the RightSight 2 suite of features for Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini.

Introducing Grid View: Each Person in Their Own Frame

Grid View uses AI to intelligently frame in-room meeting participants. It gives everyone more equitable representation in the meeting by detecting faces and zooming in on each person to give them their own frame. This allows each person in the room to be better seen by their remote colleagues.

Grid View builds upon Logitech’s successes using AI to create better hybrid meetings. Products like Logitech Scribe, a whiteboard camera that uses AI to decipher and broadcast whiteboard content, ensure that remote participants can participate equally in brainstorming sessions. Logitech Sight, Logitech’s tabletop camera launching in 2023, uses AI to help remote participants feel like they’re actually seated at the table.

Zoom Room Appliances

Highlighting Logitech’s partnership with Zoom that aims to deliver more inclusive hybrid work environments, Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini are the first devices to support up to five video streams. Grid View takes Zoom’s Smart Gallery multi-stream experience to the next level and provides an unparalleled remote participant video experience that works in a wide range of meetings.

Microsoft Teams Room on Windows

Logitech has been working closely with Microsoft to break down digital barriers of hybrid work and unlock equitable meetings for remote workers. Grid View enables IntelliFrame for Teams Rooms on Windows with Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini

Intelliframe places in-room participants in their own video gallery tile and removes the empty space between them. This gives remote attendees a better, closer view of the in-room participants and puts everyone on a level playing field. 

For more information on Grid View, visit our support page

Get Started with CollabOS 1.8 today

Update your Logitech video collaboration devices to CollabOS 1.8 using Sync now, or with Microsoft Teams admin center and Zoom Device Management as the updates become available. Also be sure to check out the CollabOS release notes.