The Alliance of Titans: Logitech and Intel


Video collaboration brings co-workers and teams closer together no matter where they work.

In fact, this article explains that “being able to meet spontaneously face-to-face not only allows people at different locations to get more done faster, it also improves camaraderie, communication and employee morale.”

Today, we are excited to announce that Logitech is teaming up with Intel to make video collaboration easier, more affordable, and increasingly more commonplace based on a shared belief that the benefits of video conferencing are most fully realized when every team member has access to it.

We plan to leverage the powerful features of Logitech ConferenceCams, the performance of Intel NUC and the new content sharing capabilities enabled by Intel Unite to create a consistent and affordable experience for workers that reduces the amount of time it takes to initiate a video conference.

Don’t touch that dial. Stay tuned for more news as we embark on defining the future of the conference room.