Master Your Mouse with New Application Specific Settings

Recently, we’ve been telling you about our Logitech Options™software, which enables a full range of possibilities on our newest mice and keyboards. With it, you can customize buttons and actions to suit your needs, and even replicate touch gesture controls with your mouse on PC and Mac computers. Today we are excited to share an update with you. A new feature, Application Specific Settings, has been added to Logitech Options. Now, you can customize buttons and actions on the MX Master and MX Anywhere 2 mice for each of your favorite applications. This means that you can program the buttons to do a specific task in one application, and automatically have those very same buttons do a different task in another application. Your current settings won’t be affected, and you can enable or disable the feature at any time without losing your custom settings. Here are some examples of the settings you can create in your applications:

  • In iTunes, personalize the MX Master gesture button for your media controls.
  • Adjust the pointer speed for each application.
  • For Photoshop, assign the keystroke to move “layer up” and “layer down” (cmd+).

And in case you missed it, here are just a few of many more things that you can do to customize your MX Master and MX Anywhere 2 mice:

  • Program the MX Master thumbwheel to zoom in and out of maps.
  • Activate Smooth Scrolling for… well, smoother scrolling.
  • Program the MX Master thumbwheel to reproduce the 2-finger gesture you normally can only do with your Mac touchpad.
  • Scroll through long documents quickly and easily with the hyper-fast scroll wheel, and you can adjust the speed at which the wheel will automatically switch between the ratcheted and free-spin mode.

We plan to continue developing more time-savers that we’ll add via future Logitech Options updates.