Harmony Announces 4 New Smart Home Integrations


We’re proud to celebrate the continued expansion of our smart home compatibilities with the integration of four great new partners into the Harmony ecosystem, and we hope you’re excited about the new possibilities coming your way. Now, homes with Harmony can control even more devices and create brand new Activities combining smart home devices in unique ways.

august smart lock harmony

First, our integration with the August Smart Lock is now available. The Smart Lock provides intelligent, secure access to your home that lets you control who can enter without the need for keys or codes, and see a log of who has entered and exited  all from your smartphone.

lifx lights harmony

LIFX. The brightest, most efficient and versatile Wi-Fi enabled LED smart lights. Personalise your environment with 16 million colors and warm to cool whites, all from a single light bulb.

ecobee thermometer harmony

Next, we have Ecobee, a company that makes smart Wi-Fi thermostats with remote sensors for homes with many rooms. Their devices aim to maximize comfort and savings without compromising your lifestyle.

insteon devices harmony

Finally, we have our integration with Insteon, a company that makes a wide range of products for controlling and monitoring your home. From wall switches and plug-in dimmers to light bulbs and ceiling fan controllers, all of Insteon’s devices connect through the Insteon Hub which is now available to control through your Harmony.

Compatible with all Harmony Hub based remotes, these join existing Harmony integrations with Philips hue, Nest, Honeywell and Lutron to enable a rich ecosystem of smart home control.  This allows Harmony users to control even more of their home from one place.

And in addition to controlling all these devices individually from your Harmony remote, you can combine all of the above and integrate your smart home with home entertainment control:

  • Create a “Game of Thrones” Activity that triggers with one touch on your remote. Turns on your TV and sound system, tunes to HBO and automatically turns the lights red.
  • Create a “Good Morning” Activity that triggers when your alarm goes off at 6:00AM on weekdays. Automatically turns the lights on, turns up the heat a few degrees, starts the coffee brewing in the kitchen and tunes in to local news and traffic on TV.
  • Create an “Off to Work” Activity that you can trigger from your phone while pulling out of the driveway. Automatically turns off all your lights and entertainment devices, sets your thermostat to ‘away’ mode, and makes sure your doors are locked.

With these new integrations, Harmony now provides a better-than-ever home control ecosystem that encompasses nearly every part your house.  We’re really excited to see all the new combinations and activities everyone comes up with.

Any questions? Let us know in the comments.