PlayStation 4 Control and Logitech Harmony


Control for PlayStation 4 is something our customers have been asking for for some time. We’re happy to announce that, in addition to bringing home control capabilities to all hub-based products, our most recent software update also makes PlayStation 4 control possible for these hub-based remotes.

With this new functionality, you can now navigate menus on your PlayStation 4 using your Harmony remote or the Harmony app. We know many users rely on PlayStation 4 for more than just games, so now you can use your Harmony remote or app to control Blu-Ray movies and streaming apps streaming apps including Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, and more. And in many cases, you can use the Harmony mobile app to enter text to find your favorite show or movies or when using the PlayStation 4 web browser.

One thing we do need to mention is, unfortunately, this update does not allow you to power your PlayStation on directly—Sony does not permit any remote other than their game controller to power on the game console. So you’ll need to turn your PlayStation on first, before you sit down with your remote. But, once powered on, Harmony will automatically use Bluetooth to connect and enable control of your PlayStation.

For more details, visit our support site for a complete overview of setting up and using your PlayStation 4 with your Harmony remote.