Gifts For Your Favorite Administrative Professional

Bosses, take note: April 23 is National Administrative Professionals’ Day, a tribute to administrative assistants’ efforts to keep workdays efficient and productive. The day’s name has changed over the last half-century in order to include the wide variety of job titles held by administrative staff, but the sentiment remains the same: administrative professionals keep the American business place a well-oiled machine. Following are several ideas – some classic, some modern – to show appreciation to your admin.

Say it With Flowers

A fresh bouquet of flowers may be the most traditional gift for your administrative assistant, but there’s a reason: a 2005 study from Rutgers found that flowers have not only an immediate impact on happiness, but also long-term positive effects on moods while also bolstering connections between giver and recipient. Dozens of national and local services can provide beautiful flowers, but the site Top10Reviews listed 1-800-Flowers and FTD as the top services. As for which flowers to select, roses and lilies remain among the most popular choices, but Gerbera daisies, carnations and sunflowers also rank highly in terms of color, size and appeal.

Raise Your Mug

yyIf coffee is the fuel on which business runs best, it only stands to reason that admin professionals should have their own personal delivery system. A personalized coffee mug can also lend an element of individuality to the homogenized atmosphere of an office, and advertises to other employees and visitors that the owner is someone who has earned their manager’s appreciation. The Webby Award-winning is one of the best options for great, personalized coffee mugs. You can upload your own graphics, use Print On Demand services and even maintain your own online “shop,” should your coffee mugs prove popular with other employees.


Tech Support

Admin professionals make business move faster, but technology moves at light speed. Consider streamlining your assistant’s tasks with the Logitech Wireless-All-in-One Keyboard TK820, keeping the desk cable- and clutter-free and looking good with its ultra-slim design and integrated touchpad. The large touchpad grants the user more room to perform up to 13 unique Windows 8 gestures with ease.

Logitech Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard K830

If your work requires you and your admin to be on the go, the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad Air allows for a fast, fluid and comfortable typing experience for iPad users. Its sleek, ultrathin aluminum design provides exceptional touchscreen protection while keeping the cover safe and firmly in place with powerful magnetic clips. Its keyboard features the same keys as a standard keyboard, allowing you to type at your regular speed, yet also includes maximized keys (on a minimal layout) for copy, paste, undo and other functions. Both products are so user-friendly and effective that you might want to consider picking up one for yourself – maybe for Boss’s Day, on October 16?



Which gifts do you think are the right ones for your favorite administrative assistant? Share in the comments.

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