Navigate Your World with Innovative Keyboards

Each year brings about a staggering number of personal devices to choose from, yet the way we communicate on them remains the same. With the emergence of tablets and external keyboards, no longer do we sit tethered to our desks, our hands cramping in vain.

For every mode of working, there is a keyboard to suit your needs and simplify the way you communicate and consume information. No matter what device you depend on – TV, tablet, laptop or desktop – there is a keyboard to enhance its capability and make a difference in your typing experience and comfort. Logitech offers a host of choices to keep you powered and productive.

Family-Friendly Keyboards


Home theaters now double as entertainment centers and workspaces, as the line between home office and living room blurs further. The Logitech Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard K830 is the perfect family companion, as it easily switches between PC and TV navigation. No one wants to prop up a mouse pad on their loveseat, so the K830 combines a wireless keyboard and a trackpad into one streamlined device. With illuminated, backlit keys and controls, it’s also handy for the night owl in your family, who can search and stream into the wee hours while avoiding eyestrain.

Multi-Device Keyboards


Computer accessories limited to one function are outdated relics when it comes to the multi-device needs of the modern household and home office. These Logitech multifunction keyboards play nice with all your devices including computers, tablets, smartphones, or other platforms. And the sleek, compact design is packed with intuitive features that make for precision typing that’s ergonomically sound.

When multi-tasking is a virtue and patience is a luxury, you need the right keyboard that allows you to type and toggle between any device. The Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810 works like a smart device, auto-adjusting the key backlight depending on your environment and allowing for easy switching between your PC, tablet or smartphone with just one button using Bluetooth technology.

The Over-Achiever Keyboard


Until the day comes when you can blink to change channels and skip commercials with your mind, there’s the Logitech Wireless All-in-One Keyboard TK820. This multifunctional keyboard is a workstation that integrates every feature you need to navigate your computer in a single device. Designed for the space-strapped, this wireless keyboard features a built-in keyboard and trackpad all encased in a seriously slim and minimalist package. Instead of sacrificing functionality for space, the large touchpad lets you type, touch and swipe in easy, fluid movements. Boost your productivity even further by mastering some keyboard shortcuts, so you can use both your keyboard and your trackpad to the fullest extent.

For the true keyboard warriors who log serious time on their PCs, make your keyboard work for you by downloading the Logitech SetPoint software that allows you to perform 13 unique Windows 8 gestures, including swapping back and forth between the start screen and the desktop and sharing data between the new Windows 8 apps.

Which dream feature are you looking for in a keyboard? Share in the comments.