Fun Extensions for Office Downtime

When a survey revealed that 64 percent of employees visit non-work related websites every day, we looked around and thought ‘is it that low?’ Considering the amount of time we put into testing our mice and keyboards, we know the temptation as well as anyone. Make no mistake — we’re all guilty of a little time wasting at work, on the weekend and everywhere in between. If it’s going to happen, might as well make the best of it, right? Here are some of our favorite web extensions that spice up even the most innocuous Internet activity.

Revenge of the Herp Derps:

Everyone loves YouTube. Some of us even need it. But there are days when you want to grab your computer and shake every dopey user comment to the floor. Enter Tanner Stokes, the crabby web-genius who is waging a private war against mindless YouTube banter with an extension that replaces every half-baked sentence with “herps and derps”. It is hilarious. And oddly soothing, watching those endless comments get boiled down to the silly comments that they are.



For Big Game Hunters

It can be soul numbing watching a spinning icon during all that upload time at work, so try putting on your helmet and hunt for game. Destructoidis like having a local guide for a desktop adventure:  It will help you navigate the gamer landscape with videos, previews, community forums and smart, snark-filled tutorials.

The Art of Advertising

Add-Art is the extension for intellectuals who see art in everything. This ad-blocking extension sweeps your web page clear of adverts, and randomly replaces them with works by up-and-coming artists who are hand-selected by the Add-Art curatorial team. The gallery swaps out with new curators and artists every two weeks. So who needs the Arts Section of the Sunday Paper?



Have the Office Buzzing

If you’re one of those die-hards who believe there can never be enough Miley Cyrus, scroll over to the hilarious BuzzFeed menu bar. One click of your Logitech® Eye Candy mouse sets a banquet feast of minute-by-minute updates from their LOL, OMG, Trashy, WTF and Fail drop-downs. You will be fully conversant by your first coffee break and the most popular person at the lunch table. If you’re a fan of bizarre trivia, obsessed with stuff like outer space funerals and would love more info on stuff you can still do after you’re dead, you may want to bookmark the geeky tab.