Logitech Celebrates Innovation

Here at Logitech, we pride ourselves on innovation and we welcome the challenges to be innovative and creative each day.

Innovation has been evolving for hundreds of years, and today we are reminded about how far we’ve come. On this day in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell received a patent for the telephone, and now March 7 is named in honor of him. Bell’s innovative thinking revolutionized communication in such a profound way that it’s nearly impossible to imagine a world without the telephone.

Imagine what Mr. Bell would say if he knew how far modern day innovators have taken the concept of the telephone.  Take the Logitech TV Cam HD, for example.  It allows Skype to come to life on your TV in wide-angle HD, everyone can socialize in the video call – from grandparents to grandchildren – and enjoy the freedom to move around the room naturally. With built-in Skype and Wi-Fi connectivity, you can call anyone with a Skype account on their smartphone, laptop, TV or tablet.  Not too shabby for 137 years of collective innovation!

What device or technology do you think would most shock Alexander Graham Bell? Let us know in comments!