Logitech Chief Holiday Officer to Share Inside Scoop on Holiday Tech Gifts

Hello and ho, ho, ho! It’s Seth Coolio, tech blogger extraordinaire and Logitech’s self-appointed Chief Holiday Officer, here to spread holiday cheer. Today I’m here to share with you the details of my mission to get the scoop on all the tech coolness going on inside the Logitech walls. I went straight to the source to speak with those in the know about this season’s best – and hottest – gifts.

My plan was simple. Well, not really – it was a devious scheme only a stealthy, tech-savvy mastermind like me could pull off. I infiltrated the halls of Logitech – shipped inside a box of holiday decorations – Santa hat-clad and ready to score the inside information.

I posed as the Logitech Chief Holiday Officer, and stuffed my holiday gift sack with the latest and greatest gadgets to gift this holiday season, and even snagged some extras for you too! For your chance to win, vote for your favorite Logitech product of the season on Facebook and I’ll give away a product a day for the next 12 days, starting today. Stay tuned here for more!


Chief Holiday Officer