Internationally Savvy: Children and Tablets

This month, several countries across the globe will celebrate Children’s Day – a day in honor of all the kids out there who keep us young! While each country may celebrate a bit differently, this holiday is meant for all children to enjoy their youth.

While Children’s Day has been a longstanding tradition for many around the globe (Japan even celebrates it twice a year), times have changed. Instead of children playing hide-and-seek with neighbor kids or duck, duck, goose with classmates, kids today are growing up in a digital age, and more often than not they can be found playing a game of Angry Birds on their tablet instead of riding their bike.

In fact, in February 2012, a Nielson survey found that in 70 percent of tablet-owning households with children under the age of 12, the kids are using the iPad on the regular – whether for entertainment or education.

If you’re looking to recognize your kids with something different this Children’s Day, check out Logitech’s lineup of tablet accessories. From the Mini Boombox to the Joystick for iPad, there’s something for everyone, young and old, whether for work or play.

We’re curious; do you let your child play on your tablet? Tell us in the comments below.