Invest in your iPad with something more than a case

Now that you have your new iPad and are taking it everywhere, you’re likely in need of a protective accessory with battery power. Look no further. Today we introduced our newest iPad accessory – and member of our solar lineup: the Logitech® Solar Keyboard Folio.

This ultra-slim folio provides front and back protection for your iPad and its built-in Bluetooth® keyboard is powered by onboard solar cells. Charging in indoor or outdoor light, the keyboard will last for up to two years on a complete charge, even in total darkness.

The folio has two stand positions that enhance your tablet experience, holding your iPad in the right position so you don’t have to. In the first position you can enjoy the full keyboard when you’re typing. In the second position, the first keyboard row acts as your media playback and volume controls so you can play, pause and change volume instantly – it’s perfect for watching a video or listening to music.

And its instant On/Off function automatically wakes your iPad when you open the folio and puts it to sleep when you close it.

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Director of brand development for tablet accessories at Logitech.


  • Why didn’t you use Lithium rechargeable batteries versus NiMH? Less chance of any memory effect happening with Lithium vs. NiMH.

  • Wow, new innovation comes quick from Logitech! Pre-ordered the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover two weeks ago and now a new one announced! I totally can see this iPad folio good for the long haul expedition or for camping use. Very innovative and of course if you are in a place without electricity, this thing can be your best friend when you are out in the field doing note taking and research on the iPad. Very cool! 🙂

  • Would like to have Price Info, availability in Europe (Italy) and… is it recharging the iPad as well or just powering the foil keyboard (which is a mindbogglingly awesome idea by itself 😉 ) ?

    • The Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio will be available in Europe at os May 12th. The cost will be €129.99. The product only recharges the keyboard not the iPad itself.

  • Can you fold it all the way around to use it in tablet form only? Do you have pictures of how this might work?

  • Hi Logitech.

    When is it available in Denmark? And does it come with danish letters æ, ø and å?


    • Hi Janus, we can’t provide you with a specific date but it should be arriving in European stores soon. The keyboard does come in a Pan-Nordic layout, and should include æ, ø and å. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks!

    • Hi Alex, we don’t have a specific date as of right now, but it should be arriving soon. Thanks, and please let us know if you have any further questions!

  • I think it is so cool that you actually reply to your customer’s questions, I found the site on panic! at the disco’s page and I really like the products! Keep up the great work! 🙂

    • Thank you Harley! Cool that you found us through Panic! At the Disco. Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

    • Hey Alison,

      Thanks for showing interest in our new Solar Keyboard Folio! We’re very excited to be releasing it.

      Unfortunately, we do not have a confirmed release date for the keyboard.
      Please check back in a few weeks for more details!

  • Hi,
    I am in Australia & work for large international company.
    We have rolled out iPads to all our Reps in Australia & New Zealand & I think this new solar keyboard will be perfect our sales teams & execs.
    I know you don’t have a confirmed realease date as yet, but wondering if you can give me a ball park figure?.. i.e. weeks or months?
    I don’t mind ordering & paying for shipping from US etc.
    Best Regards,

  • Is there a date that these should be shipping for US yet? They said May and it’s almost over…

  • I bought the solar case/keyboard a few days ago at Best Buy and while I love it, there is a huge issue that I am experiencing. Ever since using it with my new iPad, whenever I carry it in my bag,it seems to discharge my iPad’s battery as if it is waking up my iPad. One thing I have noticed is that while the cover does have magnets to shut the iPad on/off, it is a very, very loose fit and slides around easily, waken my iPad. I am guessing this movement is occurring inside my bag and allowing my iPad to wake up, thereby running the battery down. As much as I hate to, I am afraid I will be returning this case for the ZAGGfolio. I do like the look and all over this one better, but I have been caught twice in 3 days with either a totally dead or near dead iPad and this just isn’t worth running that risk.

    Maybe I just have a defective unit?

  • Do you have a ship date – May is just about gone. If not, I will have to buy something else because I am in need of a keyboard now.

    • Hi Michele. There is no official shipping date on the Solar Folio Keyboard yet. We will keep you posted. Let us know if we can help with anything else!

  • Just received my solar keyboard for ipad. I followed the directions in the getting started booklet and nothing is working. firstly there is no status light.
    How long must the product charge before it can be detected by my ipad? It’s been about 2 hours now.
    And will they update the getting started manuals to reflect that there is no status light on the product?
    Help please.

  • Nice, but when are you going to come out with a universal version? I have a Blackberry Playbook and was thinking of getting a Bluetooth mini keyboard for it. I already have the PC 750 model and love it.

    BTW, I’m typing this on my Playbook…..

    • Hi Stephen, thanks for the thoughtful feedback. Unfortunately we cannot comment on any unannounced products at this time, but please stay tuned!

  • Is there a shortage of these keyboards or are they not being released in Australia for a reason? I see you are officially from Logitech. Can you make an enquiry and post an actual release date.

    • Hi Geoff, The Solar Folio will be available in Australia in August. We don’t have an exact release date, but please keep an eye on the website.

  • Hi there, just wondering if it will come in white? Also will it be the exact same keyboard that you can buy online from America? Just wondering if I buy online or wait until it comes to Australia. Also after reading a few comments about it, will logitech be looking at improving it with moving the solar panels to the other side? I read that it scratches because the panel is on the underside and of course putting on the table etc would scratch easily. Also a few comments regarding not closing properly or shutting down, will Logitech be adding a clip or something to fasten it better? Just don’t want to purchase and a new and improved one come out a month later. Thanks!

    • Hi Esta, sorry for the late reply. We can’t comment on future developments in terms of color/design etc. However, the layout of the keyboard in Australia will be the same as the one in America. Hope this helps!

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