New Logitech Headsets for Open Work Environments

Today, Logitech for Business ( is announcing three new PC headsets designed to help employees focus on calls and work in comfort: the BH940 Wireless Mono DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) Headset, the BH410 USB Mono Headset and the BH420 USB Stereo Headset. These headsets are part of Logitech’s growing portfolio of business-grade peripherals designed to support a new generation of workplace phone and Unified Communications (UC) solutions, such as PC-based “soft phones,” videoconferencing apps and full UC platforms.

The Logitech BH940 Wireless Mono DECT Headset is perfect for employees who need freedom to move away from their desks during UC- or PC-based calls, enhancing productivity and multitasking. Designed with DECT technology, the BH940 offers excellent audio quality in noisy environments and cuts off sudden loud noises to lessen discomfort. Additionally, the BH940 is lightweight (less than two ounces), offers eight hours of talk time along with convenient on-ear controls and can be used as a headband or an earpiece, so employees can wear it comfortably all day.

The Logitech BH410 and BH420 corded headsets are also designed to deliver crystal-clear sound quality for UC and video-conferencing. The noise-cancelling microphone provides outstanding sound quality, while the in-line controls, flexible boom and padded earpiece ensure users will be comfortable and eager to have these headsets as part of their desktop.

With a single earpiece, the Logitech BH410 is ideal for employees making calls in work environments with minimal background noise, leaving one ear uncovered for easy conversations with nearby coworkers. For those who need laser-like focus, the BH420 covers both ears, blocking distractions in noisy offices.

All three headsets are USB plug-and-play and are designed to work with many UC platforms – including Avaya and Microsoft® Lync™ – making them easy to deploy with minimal IT support.

Logitech is offering the headsets as part of collaboration with GN Netcom, announced in June, under which Logitech will offer select products from the award-winning line of Jabra headsets and speakerphones through distribution channel partners in North America.

These headsets are available now in the U.S. through Logitech’s business channel partners ( Channel partners interested in distributing Logitech for Business solutions in the U.S. can learn more at


Vice President of Business Products