All Mobile, All the Time

Did you know that by 2015, you’re more likely to access the Internet from your smartphone or tablet than from your PC? That’s what leading research firm IDC forecasts in their recent “Worldwide New Media Market Model” research, and from what we see on city streets and in offices, malls and beyond, this prediction is completely on target.

As the world moves closer to this ultra-mobile vision, Logitech is busy creating products to support the transition. To that end, we offer a number of technologies that make an all-mobile-all-the-time lifestyle more engaging and more enjoyable.

If you’re not crazy about touchscreen typing, check out our Fold-Up Keyboard for iPad® or Tablet Keyboard for Android™ 3.0+. Both products offer a full set of keys designed to travel light, so when you have to get down to some serious work, you’ll have the reassurance of actual buttons. We’ve also created the Tablet Mouse for Android 3.1+, so you can comfortably navigate and scroll through pages and icons.

If your tablet doubles as your theater, then take a spin with our Wireless Speaker Z515 or Wireless Boombox for iPad. Both devices give you full, rich sound – without the clutter of wires – so you’re not limited to headphones or tiny, built-in speakers.

The fact is, now that we can access the Internet from wherever we are and from devices that can do virtually everything our desktops and laptops do, any space can end up being our office, den or dance floor. Logitech makes this possibility more real. In fact, you might find you prefer the park bench to the roll-top.

Have you already taken the leap to full-time mobile? Let us know in the comments below!


Logitech Senior Director for Tablet Products