Logitech in the News

A range of coverage for Logitech this week from the Harmony 1100 to the G35 surround sound headset!

Now that the new Harmony 1100 has been available for a couple months, some great reviews are coming in. CrunchGear says it’s “well designed allowing for easy setup” and “is solid, works well, and will impress the hell out of your house guests” and The Winnipeg Sun says “for gadget fetishists, this thing is it.

Looking for a Guitar Hero controller that “looks like a real Fender Strat?” Check out the wireless guitar controller! Another great addition to your gaming peripherals is the G35 surround sound headset, covered by The London Free Press.


  • Please don’t forget GNU/Linux users, I use Logitech products for more than 10 years, and now I am disapointed. I have to do workarounds to use my old G15 kb and MediaPlay mouse 🙁

  • Is there enyway to get the G35 surround sound headset witout the crap usb thing if thats a gamer headset why not make it a hardware sound one so we dont have to use 30% more cpu power when playing..

  • Why in the world would anyone put the on/off switch on the Wave Pro under the keyboard? Dumb move.

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