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Whatever brought you to this blog – an interest in learning more about our products; a desire to get the most out of your digital home; or perhaps just a curiosity about our company – we’re glad you’re here.

Now that you’ve found us, we hope you’ll chime in on our conversations. You can post a comment or, if you have ideas for future topics or just want to give us some general feedback about the blog – you can e-mail us (fan mail is accepted 🙂 ). We’ll be eagerly watching our inbox, so don’t be shy.

Because Logitech has so many people interested in sharing their thoughts and knowledge on a variety of topics, this blog will have multiple authors. We look forward to introducing ourselves and getting to know you better.


  • It’s great to see Logitech joining the blogosphere!

    I myself have been a loyal Logitech customer for many years. Actually, I’m typing this message on the Logitech keyboard and scrolling this page with Logitech trackball. And there’s a Logitech camera fixed on top of my display. “I’m all Logitech” 🙂

    Keep the news and great new products coming (even in this tough economy)!

    Best regards,

  • I just want to tell your support staff
    My new Harmony 520 remote failed and they tried everthing to help me fix it!
    Finally, they decide to send me a new one.
    I now have it and it works great!
    You Folks are ONE CLASS ACT!

  • Congrats on the BLogitech site! This is great. If only more companies would follow Logitech’s lead.

    Look forward to coming back and hearing more about your products.

  • I’m just trying to find drivers/manuals.
    Good God, it’s not as if a product over 2 years old is obsolete!
    I have sitting in front of me over 8 different Logitech products: Mice, Keyboards, speakers, Headphones, Joysticks.
    The lack of support for any of them really twists my crank and makes me wonder if I should ever buy another again.

  • Hi Qman,

    If you go to logitech.com/support, you can download updated drivers for your products.


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