The Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810: The Perfect Keyboard for Multi-Tasking

Do you work across multiple devices every day, switching between your laptop, tablet, smartphone or desktop? Don’t lose momentum, and start maintaining  productivity with the new rechargeable Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810.

Announced today, the Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810 features Logitech’s easy-switch Bluetooth technology, meaning it can pair with as many as three devices simultaneously. What’s more, the keyboard’s layout was designed for Windows 8 with shortcuts for instant access to the Start Screen and more, but it also works with Windows, iOS and Android devices. You can easily move form typing on one to the other with the push of a button.

The keyboard has a real brushed aluminum design with sleek lines so it looks good next to all your devices, regardless if you’re working on a Windows PC, Apple iPhone or Android tablet. Its backlit keys automatically adjust to the light in your room, ensuring its laser key characters are always sharp and easy to read. And it uses built-in sensors to detect your hands’ approach, turning on and off to save power.

It recharges through USB and can recharge even while you type.

The Logitech Bluetooth Illuminated Keyboard K810 is sure to boost your productivity – letting you switch between all the devices you type on. And with clean lines, bright keys, and simple charging, it’s a keyboard you can easily take anywhere. It’s available later this month, so pick it up and let us know what you think


  • Got K810 keyboard. It is advertised as comparable with Android 3, but won’t connect to my HTC Flyer running Android 3.

  • I use a manual for comparison shopping. How come no manual for this keyboard? I am also surprised how difficult it has been to find dimensions. Size matters ! ;>

  • As per my post above I got my keyboard directly from Logitech but instead of the UK version that it was supposed to be it was with different keys (no pound sign, @ in wrong place, etc). Have talked to Customer |support who have no idea when stock of UK version will be in which is a bit poor considering they manufacture it!
    So I bought a replacement from a well-known UK PC store which arrived today. Guess what? That was also the wrong keyboard in the wrong box! Item has now been removed from the store’s website.
    So 100% fail all round and no word of explanation or date for re-release. Not impressed at all.

  • This is awesome!

    BUT, without a mouse that couples with the keyboard, or a USB port to hook a wired mouse to the keyboard, the key feture (i.e. switching between devices) gets kind of semi-useless. Especially when the devices are hooked up to external screen/s.

  • Hi,

    Many thanks but the simple fact is that there is no UK version and there will not be one for the foreseeable future. I opened a case all they can tell me is that they will send me a replacement when the UK version is available but there have absolutely no idea when that may be.

    Would you be able to make enquiries and see if you can find out anything more? I find it hard to believe that no-one in Logitech knows when their own product will be available.

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Ian. We understand your frustration and do apologize again for the issue. Providing us with your case number, email, and region is the best avenue to try and resolve the particular situation you’re having. Once equipped with that information, we will escalate your case and have someone from customer care reach out to you to help.

  • I’ve been using this keyboard for about 5 days. I was at first worried about it being so small, because I returned the Apple bluetooth keyboard after only 2 days because of its size. But honestly, it feels like a full size keyboard under my fingers. I love the seamless switching between devices, it works exactly as advertised. I’m using it with Windows 8 and the Touchpad T650 and I have never, ever been so thrilled about a computing setup. My only beef, and maybe it isn’t one if there is an answer: Where is the Home/End/PgUp/PgDwn buttons? Are there shortcuts? I use Home often and I don’t like having to reach over to my laptop to use it. (Please email me at the address I provided.)

  • Hi,

    My case number is 121207-000951 and I am in the UK.

    I look forward to hearing from someone.

    Many thanks.

    • We’ve submitted your case and our team will look into this! You will be hearing from them. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. We look forward to resolving this.

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  • Any update on when the UK version will be in stock? Like Ian, I also received a non-UK version in a UK box, ordered direct from Logitech. I’ve returned it and have been told that a replacement will be sent when in stock, but I’ve been given no indication of when this will be. It is very frustrating as it is a great keyboard and just what I’ve been looking for.

  • I just bought and am typing this on my laptop with my new k810. So far i really am enjoying the look and feel of it. Although i am having a problem with it and am hoping it is just user error.
    When i pair the 810 and my tablet running Android 4.0 it doesn’t seem to act correct. I cant get it to type text of any kind. I have changed the configuration in the languages and input settings of my tablet and no luck. Most all the function keys work correct, but i can’t get it to type alpha numerical.
    All i can get it to do is shortcut keys.
    P = player
    E = email
    A = calculator
    L = calendar
    B = Browser
    Thanks in adavance.

    • Thank you for that information, Jeremy. Please contact our Support Team at +1 646-454-3200 to discuss this with a representative to help resolve this. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

  • Just have contact with support team. I have problem with my K810 nordic keyboard.
    Using on my Ipad 2. and 3. generation and samsung galaxy S2.
    The keys do not match the output. I cant type @ on the android with any combination an the the @ do not exsist on the key “2″ where it is printed. I cant find it in any combination.
    The support team told med that it is IOS problem. But i cant understand that the keyboard is promoted to IOS if the characters do not fit.
    I chosed this keyboard because i only wanted 1 keybord for my devices. But now i realised that the keys do not match the output.

  • Hi,

    Me again. Sill no word of when stock of the UK keyboard will arrive. Just for your records here is my experience with trying to get hold of the K810 so far:

    1) I ordered the keyboard on 27/10 and was told it would ship first week of November.
    2) Then it was delayed until the second week of December.
    3) It arrived but was the wrong version (not UK as ordered).
    4) I contact you for a replacement but it is now out of stock.
    5) No-one has any idea when it will be in stock.

    As compensation for this farce I have been offered a 50% discount code for Logitech products (which excludes anything released in last 6 months!). I have to say that this is not really anywhere near adequate for all the hassle and annoyance trying to buy this keyboard has entailed.

    I think the worst of it all is that I now have no real confidence in Logitech or their products. They can’t even get their manufacturers to make the right keyboard. Then there appears to be no stock checking/quality control at all. How else could they have sent out 1000s of UK keyboards to people like me and shops like PC World without realising they were USA versions with different keys?

  • Hi,

    Thinking about Flemming’s problem do you think he may have been sent the wrong keyboard like I was? Maybe the problem wasn’t just with UK keyboards. I suggest he looks at the picture printed on the box cover and compares it to the keyboard itself. In my case they were different with different keys (such as @ and “) in the wrong place.



  • Hi,
    Why didn’t you post my earlier message? The one where I detailed the appalling catalogue of errors that I have experienced? You have my e-mail address so you can just get in touch if you don’t want to put my posts on your blog.
    It’s pretty bad that I explained exactly what I have experienced in very polite language and said nothing defamatory or offensive but you didn’t want anyone to read it?
    Are you afraid that if people see what a poor experience I have had they will be put off buying your products?
    Nothing like a bit of corporate censorship! Perhaps I should go and start my own Logitech K810 blog?
    Many thanks.

  • LOVE IT!! Picked it up a few days ago and I have to say this keyboard is awesome. I’m able to sit here with one keyboard and easily and quickly switch the keyboard to any one of my three workstations here in front of me. Back light magically turns on when my hands get near it. It’s great. Only a couple days in but I’m very happy with this device.

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