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The Logitech Gaming Mouse G300 is the latest addition to our family of gaming mice. Its new compact shape, three onboard profiles with tons of configuration options, speedy 1millisecond report rate, and 2500 DPI optical sensor will make it a great addition to your gaming set-up.

The mouse is compact – only 112mm long x 73mm wide x 35m high – and features a sculpted, ambidextrous shape, so it’s great for people with smaller hands, lefties, and those who prefer to play with a fingertip grip style.  It’s also lightweight, coming in at 111g with the cable, and 85g without.

It features nine programmable buttons that are carefully placed to be easily reachable, but also out of the way when you don’t need them. Out of the box there are three onboard profiles are configured with basic MMO, FPS, and productivity settings, and illuminated areas near the thumb glow red, blue, or green to let you know which one you’re using.

Its sensor tracks smoothly and precisely across a wide range of surfaces and hand speeds, so you can select units more quickly, stop standing in the fire faster, and zero in on targets more accurately.  Also, the mouse communicates over USB at up to 1000 reports per second—as fast as USB can go, and eight times faster than standard USB mice.

If you don’t like the default settings, they’re easy to reprogram with Logitech Gaming Software.  Button, DPI, and report rate settings are all stored in three onboard memory profiles, and you can choose from any of seven colors (or disable lighting entirely) to indicate which profile is active.  So you can configure the mouse to work exactly how you want it to with no software required, or move it between computers without having to reconfigure it every time. If you want to take advantage of the more advanced features Logitech Gaming Software has to offer, enable automatic game detection and you’ll have custom configurations for every game you play.

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Global Product Marketing Manager


  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks I got everything up and running. With all the features of the mouse i absolutely love while in game play and out side of game play. I use all the buttons efficiently by shifting the DPI to low settings when sniping and back to high when im close range using the G9 button. But I just have one small problem and it is the resistance behind the wheel. In the future I would like it a little bit more loose. I could understand people may accidentally move the mouse screwing there skills up but I don’t want it that loose. Just a suggestion thanks!

    • Glad you like it, and thanks for the feedback. We’ll take it into consideration as we develop future products.


  • Hey Chris,
    Just got ahold of the mouse and as expected, I need to get used to the little buttons, especially with to ones from the right side (I’m right handed), they’re a bit odd to click with the ring finger.
    Altough, I have to mention, the size it’s amazing, it feels good and solid, as well the traking it’s very precise, thus keep up the good work.
    To avoid letting the mouse die after 3 years on me, I bought 2 (just no to run in the same issue as with my old mx300 then G3 being discontinued lol), however, ask the dev team to develop similar sized mouses but with tumb buttons in the future, thus from my side you guys have 6 years time to decide about that:D
    Other than that 9/10.

    I have (must have missed the answer) 1 question for you: Is the polling rate from profile 1 and 2 hardcoded? Whatever I do, I cannot save them above 500, only the third one. Thanks!


    • Hi Boefje,

      Glad you like it – hope it continues to work well for you.

      The USB report rate is not limited to 500/second in profiles 1/2, and what you’re describing seems to be a bug, though it’s really inconsistent. I’ve found I can get it to stick by either selecting other report rates before selecting the one I really want, or waiting 5-10 seconds after you change the report rate to ensure that the system has a chance to complete the update of the mouse before changing away from that profile. I will be having our engineers look at it for a future update.


  • I pre-ordered this and it finally came. If you have non-small hands, this mouse is only viable as a pure claw grip mouse – palm and fingertip grips either leave your fingers hanging over the front edge of the mouse or have the base of your fingers hampered by the palm rest bump. The mouse is adequate in other respects.

  • Hi Chris

    Can you inform me, when will it comes to Indonesia?
    I’m using the G400 right now and the only disadvantage for me is it has no onboard memory.


  • Hi Chris

    Can you inform me, when will it come to Indonesia?
    I’m using the G400 right now and the only disadvantage for me is it has no onboard memory.


    • Hi Irfan,

      The G300 should be available in Indonesia shortly, if not already. If you check with a local shop and they do not have it, they should be able to order it. I do not have more detailed information than that.


  • Hi Chris. I’ve been looking forward to get this mouse since it was announced, but I’m yet to find a retailer here in Australia to buy it from.

    Do you know when it should be available here in AUS? Thanks

  • Hey as a lefty was impressed by the feel of the G300 when I purchased today in Australia…until I followed the directions to grab the drivers to fire up BF3…..but alas according to logitech website the product is not available in my country.

    So I guess until I move to the US or get a refund I am stuck ?

    Seriously the ip redirect blocks the documentations location of the driver

    ho hum

    anti sales department strikes again!

    Go Office Works…grey importer?

    either way disappointed left handed Aussie gaming Logitecher


    • Hi Bish,

      Sorry for the frustration there. The G300 uses the same software as the G400 and all Logitech gaming keyboards. As a workaround, instead of selecting G300 as your product you can select one of these other products and the same software will be downloaded. This link should get you to a download page for the LGS 8.12 software.


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