More Power, More Control, More Loot

The Logitech Gaming Mouse G300 is the latest addition to our family of gaming mice. Its new compact shape, three onboard profiles with tons of configuration options, speedy 1millisecond report rate, and 2500 DPI optical sensor will make it a great addition to your gaming set-up.

The mouse is compact – only 112mm long x 73mm wide x 35m high – and features a sculpted, ambidextrous shape, so it’s great for people with smaller hands, lefties, and those who prefer to play with a fingertip grip style.  It’s also lightweight, coming in at 111g with the cable, and 85g without.

It features nine programmable buttons that are carefully placed to be easily reachable, but also out of the way when you don’t need them. Out of the box there are three onboard profiles are configured with basic MMO, FPS, and productivity settings, and illuminated areas near the thumb glow red, blue, or green to let you know which one you’re using.

Its sensor tracks smoothly and precisely across a wide range of surfaces and hand speeds, so you can select units more quickly, stop standing in the fire faster, and zero in on targets more accurately.  Also, the mouse communicates over USB at up to 1000 reports per second—as fast as USB can go, and eight times faster than standard USB mice.

If you don’t like the default settings, they’re easy to reprogram with Logitech Gaming Software.  Button, DPI, and report rate settings are all stored in three onboard memory profiles, and you can choose from any of seven colors (or disable lighting entirely) to indicate which profile is active.  So you can configure the mouse to work exactly how you want it to with no software required, or move it between computers without having to reconfigure it every time. If you want to take advantage of the more advanced features Logitech Gaming Software has to offer, enable automatic game detection and you’ll have custom configurations for every game you play.

We’d love to hear what you think — let us know in the comments!


Global Product Marketing Manager


  • Hello Chris, may you kindly answer my questions?
    1.what is the model of the sensor that you logitech, I know that your used sensors are only from Avago, but I cant find it on thier I gusses its a custom for logitech, but what sensor is based on?
    2, this mouse have above average prediction? (like g400/mx’s)
    3.why is the sensor off-center?

    Thanks you in advance.

    • Hi Avi,

      We don’t discuss the individual component part numbers of any of our products, so I’m afraid I don’t have a specific answer for you. I can say that it is located where it is to accommodate the light pipe for the profile indicator areas. This was a design decision made to ensure that the profile indicator areas were illuminated as consistently and evenly as possible. The RGB LED that drives the indicator lighting is centered, and the light pipe that it feeds takes up a large portion of the inside of the mouse.

      The G300 does not have angle snapping.


  • 85g + 35mm high +onboard memory -> KUDOS! really nice one..
    you have at least one buyer for sure 😉 although my G400 is quite new.

    • Hi bow,

      Thanks for the kind comments – glad you like the design. It will be available in retail starting late September, but it’s not possible to say specifically when it will be present in a specific country. It may be several weeks after that before you see it in a shop near you.


    • Hi Alexander,

      The primary buttons are rated to 10 million clicks, and it passes all of our rigorous quality tests. It is a very durable mouse.


  • Hmm, looks all right. I have to say hitting the back button with my thumb has long since become reflexive. I don’t think I could remap my brain to get used to it on the top of the mouse.

    I wish someone would make a mouse that would be well suited to a game like Diablo 2… this looks like it could be a contender… if it had a thumb button or two.

    I wish Logitech would let me design a mouse.

    • Hi DaveB,

      We put all the buttons on the top of the mouse to ensure that they are all usable with either hand. Buttons on the side of a mouse are very easy to access with the thumb, but on a symmetrical mouse the ones on the side opposite the thumb are usually very hard to press. We worked hard to make sure that all of the buttons on the G300 are easy to get to with minimal effort, but it’s true that muscle memory that expects a thumb button can be a challenge to train away.


  • Low weight, small size, shape optimized for fingertip grip, and the fact that it has no angle snapping all look good. It even has on-board memory which I guess means you can uninstall the drivers after changing the settings to your liking, and they will stick.

    The only thing I’m hesitant about is the weird sensor position. I don’t really care about pretty lights, surely that is a secondary thing?

    • Hi Andrew,

      Yes, you can reconfigure the DPI, report rate, and button settings in the mouse’s onboard memory and uninstall the software if you wish.

      While we understand that not everyone is excited about things like profile indicator lighting, it is a feature that many of our customers have requested.


  • Mouse looks very nice. I especially like the solution you guys made with the side buttons. On ambidextrious mice its common that the ones on the ring and pinky finger side constantly get in the way. This solution seems to be a win win.

    I do have a few questions:
    1. Can this mouse be easily claw gripped?
    2. How does it compare to the legendary mx300/g1/g3 shape in terms of size and feel?
    3. Is the scroll wheel mechanism the same as on the MX500/510/518/G400 line of mice?


    • Hi 2Shell,

      People with small to medium sized hands should find it pretty easy to use a claw grip style. It can work for larger hands as well, but the mouse’s length makes it more conducive to fingertip for large hands. And unless your hands are pretty small it’s not going to be easy to palm.

      I can’t really give you an assessment on relative size other than that it feels smaller because the sides are sculpted to be narrower – again, to fit smaller hands better.

      The scroll wheel is not the same as the mice you listed. The only perceptible difference is that the ratchet force is lighter.



  • Whats up with the total lack of mac support on your gaming products? We are gamers too. We have steam just like PC does. More and more games are coming out with Mac support. We have a lot of WoW players who need gaming mice.

    Why continue to ignore us? Cant cost that much to develop the software for the platform. You managed to do it with Setpoint.

    • Hi Iain,

      While it’s true that we do not have a solution for Mac gamers currently, we absolutely are both listening to our customers and watching the market at large. The community’s continued requests are a big part of what drives us to implement new features – like Mac support – so please be assured that you’re not being ignored.


  • I’ve been using Logitech mice for, well for as long as I can remember. While many have found their final resting place in landfills – after many many years of HARD use – I still have 2 workhorse MX Laser mice (aka MX1000) which still work fantastically well after 7(ish) years. Thank goodness they have lasted so well because despite my best efforts to retire them – tried the MX1100, MX Revolution, G9 (just can’t stand the wires), it wasn’t until the Performance MX that I was able to happily replace one for my gaming rig.

    Still though, despite my love affair with Logitech (don’t tell my wife), my one consistent issue has always been the letdown of the software. While Setpoint HAS gotten so much better, it is still lacking in user customization. While at the same time, the Gaming software has been so better, I tried and hated the G700’s button placement. So it’s clear that Logitech CAN make good software, it’s unclear why they put artificial limitations on Setpoint.

    For example, the most glaring problem with Setpoint – up to and including the current version (6.3x) – when it comes to the Performance MX is the MAJOR restriction on programming certain buttons. While all 7 buttons can be programmed via the main setting for use in ALL programs, in the application-specific (profiles if you will) settings ONLY 2 (the forward and back) buttons are configurable. Since they are clearly user configurable, why have such an artificial limitation? MANY programs still do not recognize thumb buttons (or more than 4 or 5 buttons period) so my mouse has the thumb buttons permanently programmed to G and V for Grenades and voice chat. While this is nice for gaming – regardless of if I’m playing Black ops, MW2, or anything that I want to use the thumb buttons for; it makes them both completely useless for ANYTHING else.

    I’d like to say that this is a dedicated gaming rig and it doesn’t much matter, but I’m not a kid, I’m 45 and work off the system too. When I see that you can make such fully programmable software for a $40 mouse, to have artificial limitations put on a $100 mouse is made that much more annoying. You make GREAT hardware, it just deserves better software. Please, pass it along.

    • Hi Ken,

      Thanks for the feedback – we will keep it in mind for future development. And as I’m also the product manager for Logitech Gaming Software, it makes me happy to hear people say they like it. 🙂


    • Hi Dennis,

      We don’t discuss what future products we might be working on, so I’m afraid I can’t answer your question. As I’ve mentioned previously, however, commentary from our customers drives our product design so we will be taking all the requests we see into consideration for future products.


  • I got so excited when I saw the product name, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back the G1/G3/MX300!!

    • Hi Toby,

      Thanks for your comment. We’re diligently reading all the feedback we can find on the G300, and we’ll keep all of it in mind as we develop future products.


    • Hi John,

      It is not possible to say when it will be available in a particular country, but it should be available in various parts of Europe starting at the end of September or early October. Depending on how quickly it gets through the distribution network, however, it could be a couple weeks after that before it’s available in your area.


  • I love this design.

    1. Lightweight
    2. Fingertip design
    3. Lots of programmable buttons.
    4. The low front. Many gaming mice these days have high front “grills.” I find that very uncomfortable (the reason I stopped using the Naga, the G500 and the G700, in fact).

    1. Too bad there is nothing for the thumb. I like the pressure-plate switch on my marathon mouse.
    2. Doesn’t look like it has the speed wheel, which is something I’ve fallen in love with over years.
    3. Looks like no lateral mouse wheel movement.
    4. Narrow.

    In all, this is likely to be my go-to mouse when released. I’ve recently had to give up on gaming mice in lieu of the comfort of the Marathon. Thanks!

    • Hi Christopher,

      We looked at many different ways to make thumb buttons functional on a symmetrical design but ultimately couldn’t find one that allowed all the buttons to be really usable in either hand. The dual-mode scroll wheel is a great feature, but was not right for this product. Same with tilt functionality. And the narrow size is part of what makes this design friendlier for smaller hands. While it’s hard to give accurate measurements, at its narrowest the grip area is around 45 mm wide. At the front of the profile indicator light, which is where my thumb sits when I use it, it’s around 55mm wide.


  • I don’t understand the relocation of the side buttons topside. Has this new setup been tested “successfully” with all types of games/gamers?

    It would seem these buttons are unuseable in a FPS game where your clicking the action buttons frantically. You wouldn’t be able to stop and press and hold down (say for zoom) a side button because you need to keep clicking the action buttons.

    Hope that made sense……

    • Hi Sam,

      The goal with the button location was to make all of the buttons usable no matter what hand you’re using. Most people find side-mounted buttons incredibly difficult to use with the ring or pinky finger. In order to ensure that all nine buttons would be usable with the same hand, we put them in locations where you can actually get to them. You’re right that they may prove difficult to press these buttons in combination in certain situations, but our testing has shown that these buttons are significantly more usable than buttons you can only use with one hand.


  • Looks nice. I will say I hope the buttons are not loose. I’ve bought way too many mice including Logitech and the buttons seem like there not on solidly. I really think either QA should be better or come up with a different way of doing it. When I sorta tap a button it should be solid and not feel as though it’s flopping loosely. At least that’s my wish anyway. I’m sure I try this one just like I’ve tried almost all of Logitech’s gaming mice. Let’s hope for less movement in the buttons.

    • Hi Larry,

      We have very tight tolerances for things like button travel and work diligently to ensure the best clicking experience possible. Hopefully the G300 will exceed your requirements in this regard.


  • I don’t know what Logitech’s criteria are when they determine model numbers but in the blog’s G400 entry I suggested “G300” for an ambidextrous claw mouse. 🙂 Anyway, as someone who isn’t keen on thumb buttons and is left handed, this looks very interesting, and I’ll be paying close attention to the local Logitech retailers when it’s out.

    • Hi Kan,

      Your intuition on the naming scheme was good. We picked out the names many months before even announcing G400, though. I hope you find it to your liking once you get a chance to get your hands on it.


  • I agree about G1/G3/MX300. If i could find any in my city, i’d have bought it.

    My Razer Krait is dying, and i can’t find another “little” mouse. Or Logitech M10, or “million-button” for “large-hand” man.

    I play Starcraft! I don’t need million buttons!

    • Hi Dmitry,

      Thanks for your comments. We understand that we have some very loyal fans of our discontinued mice, and we’ll take that into consideration as we develop future products.


  • “The community’s continued requests are a big part of what drives us to implement new features – like Mac support – so please be assured that you’re not being ignored.”

    Actions speak louder than words. 😉

    I’m not even a gamer, but I’d be happy if Logitech deigned to support their gaming mice on the Mac.

    Frankly, the classic and durable MX500/518/G400 is the only Logitech mouse design I would consider buying, but as much as I like it, I’m not going to spend an extra $20 on a third-party driver just to make full use of its buttons. Ergo, no Logitech mouse in my house.

  • Loving the symetrical shape, even as a right-hander!

    I’m a claw-grip gamer and I find ergonomic mice seems to move faster in one lateral direction than the other (don’t ask) so this shape is great.

    I have a question concerning the DPI adjustments – as a low sensitivity game (very low in fact!) it is important to me that the mouse can go down into the low 100’s in terms of adjustment.

    What is the minimum DPI the mouse can be set to and what increments can they be adjusted in?

    I currently have a Razer Lachesis (4000dpi model) that I use around 250-375 DPI – could I expect the Logitech G300 to give me a comparable level of tracking precision at these low DPI settings (e.g. acceleration, IPS rating etc…).

    It’s a brillaint idea to substitute the thumb buttons to the top of the mouse so both left and right handers can make use of these (as you mention, the buttons on pinkie finger are virtually useless without repositioning your hand).

    Having said this, I am going to find it I’m going to find it very difficult to re-train to not use the thumb button.

    One pice of feedback – would it not be possible to have the top buttons AND have 1-2 buttons on the thumb too? =)

    • Hi Paul,

      The on-board profiles can be set to DPI values from 250 to 2500 in increments of 250. With the Logitech Gaming Software running and set to automatic game detection mode, DPI can be set from 200 to 2500 in increments of 50.

      I can’t really comment on the specific similarities or differences to your current mouse. They use two completely different sensors, and every sensor has unique tracking characteristics that can make them feel different. It’s very likely that you won’t feel that the two mice track the same way.

      Without making the mouse larger there’s really no space internally for more buttons. And, as you mentioned, the goal was to make all the buttons usable with one hand. We know people like thumb buttons, though, so all of our other gaming mice (G400, G500, G700, G9x) still have them.


  • I agree with Ken. Logitech makes great hardware, I would like to see the application-specific features of Set Point for each individual game as well as typical ‘desktop’ use. I currently still love the feel and placement of buttons in my MX518, but feel limited by the software when I setup binds for a particular game and it interferes with normal productivity or other games.

    • Hi Wayne,

      Logitech Gaming Software can detect whatever application is in the foreground. So if you want to have a custom macro sets for all of your games and different functionality for Word or Chrome or Photoshop, you can do that with the G300 or G400.


  • Hello, just posting some feedback since you read these comments.

    Some good choices here, in G300:

    2500DPI Optical Sensor
    No Prediction
    Polling options.

    Most people who know their stuff about mice, know that all those big DPI numbers are nonsense. Also laser sensors are still not as good as a good Optical sensor, although that might change in the future.

    G300 looks good for an ambidextrous mouse, gives you everything you need and above all: it’s affordable.

    Hopefully it will perform as good as it looks on the site 😛

    Now, if only you would release a G400-like mouse with no prediction/angle snapping…

  • hmm…affordable, lightweight, fingertip friendly, simple scroll wheel,…all things i liked about my mouseman dual optical. hopefully you can program it as well as the g9; i like the macro function…let’s me use all the mouse buttons even if the game doesn’t support them (most old games; just bind the thumb buttons to a key). really, the setpoint software is pretty good i think. it’s probably why i don’t try the other logitech mice; they aren’t as programmable (aside from the g500, but why get that when you have a g9).

    i do have one concern; the side grips. every single logitech mouse i’ve had that had rubber grips of some sort eventually wore out. the g9 has replaceable grips, what about this mouse? if it’s made of rubber, it will wear out and need to be replaced. also, it’s nice to be able to easily open the mouse up to clean it (especially the scroll wheel). hiding the screws behind the teflon feet is annoying and makes routine cleaning a pain (also messes up the feet if you aren’t careful). that fancy fast-scroll wheel is useless if it’s all gunked up.

    overall i’m intrigued, but i will wait for a couple of reviews first before trying.

    • Hi Cyco-Dude,

      With the LGS software running in Automatic Game Detection Mode, the G300 has macro and LUA scripting functionality beyond what the G9 can do. Using its onboard macro functionality, it is limited to single keystrokes plus modifiers – like Q or CRTL-F or ALT-SHIFT-P or something like that.

      The rubber on the side of the G300 is about 1mm thick and is not the same material as on the MouseMan Dual Optical. Depending on how it’s treated it should last well beyond the warranty period.

      We do not intend for the mice we manufacture to be disassembled by customers, and doing so will void the warranty. Keeping the screws below the feet both discourages disassembly and makes the bottom of the product look cleaner.


  • G1/G3/MX300 shape would be better, but this is definitely looks like a step up from the “deluxe” shaped mice. Buying ASAP, but I hope we will get a true successor for G3.

  • Looks good, nice touch with 2 buttons on each side, now do the same for the old thumb buttons that can also be reached with ring finger and pinky!(that would keep it workin as lefty righty aswell). No but really( yes really!) i was really sad when i saw the removal of the thumb buttons, and in the end will make me not upgrade from my g500. Had it kept the thumb buttons, and had those 2 new buttons it would be on top of my shopping list.

    Maybe you could have the thumb buttons as an option via removing the shell and changing something if your worried about to many button syndrome. Like removable buttons or something.

    Anyway as pro gaming continues to evolve id suggest this, open-source driver/software for your gaming mice. Why? to give the user maximum flexibility. Im not saying anythings wrong with setpoint or any of the software, but sometimes you just cant do that thing you need to do, which is only limited by the software/driver.

    I talked to a guy who writes some mouse software and apparently he is limited to a generic mouse device “api” or whatever you want to call it, limiting the flexibility of configuration(there was one or 2 more devices he had api for aswell).

    If the driver/software(driver or software not sure which one he meant, think it was driver) was open-source those walls(i cant really find any real reason why these walls would be up at all) would crash and allow player/s have more control over there settings and configurations. A really big enhancement from regular profiles! (added bonus for other operating systems aswell i guess).

    I know this would probably be really handy for other ppl than just gamers, for specific creativity type applications would surely make there life easier as well.

    It may not sound like anything worthwhile but trust me when it comes down to pro gaming the more control you have over your game the more fun it is.

    It would really be a step forward for gaming devices (and nongaming)!.

    For mmo’s and other type of operations which requires a ton of buttons would really benefit from a few more buttons here and there. Ideally id have one “mouseshell” per game type. One shell with alot of buttons for mmos, with easy to recognize with fingers what button your on, something like angle lines or something similar.


    lets say you have 4 thumb/ringfinger or pinky finger buttons) one angle line each, in a X pattern. Same X style on LMB and RMB. That would allow me to recognize instantly what button im on cause i can feel the angle line with my finger. That would be more than enough buttons for my mmo’ing atleast, if i could only configure them properly. I have to use this substitute mouse software to get what i want done. And remap keys in setpoint so that the sub software can do its magic(limited to generic mouse api). With opensource driver/software i woulnt need as many buttons either as i could for have mousebuttons on the mouse work as modifers for other mousebuttons, like thumb \ makes RMB / do something else than just RMB /. That would allow for a serious ammount of buttons all together.

    Hope this feedback is to some use. Thanks for making quality mice.

  • Wow I’m impressed by all the features, button locations, and shape! I will have to definitely check this mouse out. I haven’t changed mice since my mx300 and G1.

    Nice job Logitech!

  • One thing I noticed is that the optical sensor is off-center on the bottom of the mouse. I’ve always liked mice like the mx300/G1 where the sensor is centered both vertically and horizontally, so that when I’m playing FPS games if I twist/rotate the mouse on the center point it does not move the cursor. …Don’t know if that makes sense to anyone. Anyway I’m more accurate with a “centered” optical sensor and I think most people are too.

  • Things to upgrade:

    – Cord needs to be very thin and flexible to prevent dragging…
    – Sensor MUST BE positioned CENTER!!!
    – Prediction On/Off from the software. I like prediction. Prediction is not a flaw, but matter of opinion.
    – Not sure about this, but it seems quite hard to rest thumb on mousepad because of that strange “lip”. Resting thumb on mousepad gives more balance and control. It’s akward to rest it up on the mouse…

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Things you did right!

    + No hyper-scroll wheel or side-scrolling! (Hopefully the scroll wheel gives enough feedback, that’s important)
    + Ambidextrous shape
    + Looks, colour theme. Just awesome looking mouse!
    + Optical sensor (if lift-off distance is low and perfect/malfunction speed is high. I just wish there would be prediction turn on and off. Most important thing is that there’s no acceleration!)
    + Rubbery texture at the sides looks comfortable and high quality (can’t be sure if it lasts long)
    + Weight: Light!
    + No gold-plated usb connector boosting price without doing nothing.
    + No weight tuning.
    + Price!

    Hard to say yet but hopefully clicks (mouse 1 and 2 buttons) are good. They need to have enough feedback so that they don’t lock down when clicking rapidly.

    Hopefully feet are also rounded, not flat and sharp.

    No thumb buttons is OK decision. 🙂

    • Hi Artist,

      Thanks for your commentary! To address some of your points:

      The cord is thinner and more flexible than our previous cords (it is the same as the G400), but whether it meets your criteria is hard for me to say.
      The sensor position is something we can’t change for this product, but I’m keeping all feedback in mind for future products.
      The sensor we are using does not have an angle snapping function, so there is no way to enable it via software.
      The mouse is designed to be gripped with the thumb on the rubber, but it’s narrow enough that if your hands are reasonably large you should be able to play with your thumb on the pad instead.


  • Looks pretty good for people who want a symmetric mouse, unfortunately I am not one of them 🙁
    Still waiting for a G400-like mouse, with no angle snapping. It has the perfect design and perfect button placing…

  • I would love to get this!!…when will it be released? I see we can buy it from Amazon right now…but when will start selling it?….If its soon I’ll put in the preorder ..

    • Hi Joe,

      It should be available starting mid to late September. I don’t have a more specific date available.


  • Will the G keys work in addition to the G series keyboards (specifically my G15) , or is it a one or the other scenario? The G keys on the mouse or the 18 G keys on my keyboard?

    I like the look on this mouse as I am a female gamer with small hands. I really hate thumb buttons though. I miss have the Button 4 and 5 on the top of the mouse located under the wheel with one being on the left and one on the right. Replaced my LX7 Cordless Optic Mouse with one off of ebay as I could not part with the buttons on the top.

    • Hi Igor,

      The G-keys on the mouse will absolutely work with the G-keys on your G15 – or any other G-Series keyboard. They’re totally independent of one another, but use the same software and can even share macros between them.


    • Hi SemHSP,

      It is not possible for me to say when it will be available in a particular country, but I can say that we will be shipping to Italy. I would guess that it should be available in most shops by mid-October.


  • I 100% agree with a g1/mx300 shape next. The lightweight and no angle snapping is a step in the right direction. 🙂

    • Hi jaszy,

      This product is an updated version of the G1 mouse, which was sold only in Asia. Not all of our products are sold in all regions or countries. I can’t comment on whether a product will ship in a specific region or country in the future.


  • Hi Chris, I have a few questions:
    1) Do you know how much space there is between the Side Buttons and the Mouse Wheel? (my concern is when you’re clicking the main mouse buttons, you might hit the side buttons on accident)
    2) The thumb grips.. since the mouse is ambidextrous, how well do your pinky and ring finger grip on the mouse side where the other thumb grip is?
    3) Does it use a similar opitcal sensor to the G9 mouse? and is the opitcal sensor adjustable for the distance that it reads?
    4) Do the extra programable buttons light up?
    5) Is there a reason its so cheap in price?


    • Hi Nelson,

      There is between 15 and 18mm of space between the index/ring finger buttons and the wheel – depending on where you place the ruler. I have large hands and do not have trouble with accidentally pressing these buttons, but they are easy to get to when I need them.

      Since everyone’s hand size and preferred method of holding the mouse is different, I can’t really give you a good answer to this question. I personally use the G300 with a fingertip grip, resting my thumb, ring finger, and pinky on the rubber sides. Some of my colleagues with small hands can actually use it as a palm-grip mouse. It really comes down to personal preference and playstyle.

      The G300 uses a 2500 DPI optical sensor, while the G9x uses a 5700 DPI laser sensor. The two are completely different.

      The buttons do not light up.

      We make a range of products at a range of price points to fit different people’s budgets.


  • Hello Chris,

    First, thanks for the information and all the great responses you have been giving!
    Honestly, I haven’t been very pleased with my attempts at contacting Logitech customer support when I was placing an order, but it was very nice to see someone in an important position putting in this much effort for a new product. 🙂

    Next, the second I saw this mouse I knew it was an instant buy for me. I am right handed, but I still love the symmetry and the design in general, I like the asethetics of this mouse much more than many of the other current Logitech offerings, and the rubber grips look stylish and comfortable. Plus I like how easy to access all of the buttons look. I have fairly small hands too, and it’s nice to hear that this is targeted towards gamers like me.

    I also love the price. I actually scored the pre-order for $20 with a random 50% off coupon Logitech sent me! Can’t beat that anywhere. Speaking of the pre-order, I am super psyched and I know you probably can’t give a specific date, but can you tell me if it will probably be shipping by say… Friday? Or at least the following Monday?

    Thanks a lot, and again it’s great to see such dedication and appreciation.

    Typed on a Logitech G15,

    • Hi Aaron,

      For some reason the products I post on the blog generate a lot of interest, so it’s great for me to be able to talk directly to our customers. And I’m happy to hear you’re using a G15, since I was the product manager for both versions of that keyboard. 🙂

      We are taking the G300 off preorder in the near future and it should be shipping out just after that. Unfortunately I can’t be more specific than that, but I’d say there is a good chance that we will be able to meet your dates.


  • Well, I am excited and disappointed on this one. The mouse seems very well designed except the buttons which gives a feel of a mouse look rather than something Chris claimed it has been tested. I really like it a lot, especially the shape and size. I have medium sized hands, and since my G3 died on me last month (without being able to find an replacement), I hope this one will solve my problems soon. But as a gamer, I find this mouse quite frustrating. The buttons are oddly positioned, and I cannot imagine using them in an FPS game. Just 3 days ago I’ve tested the name-“cough”-name WoW mouse which has similar buttons on top, just to get an idea on how these will work on G300, and I practically found it impossible to use them in game. The test was simple, Modern Warfare 2 and using the button 4 as aim on sight then firing, it’s a task that made me stop within 5 minutes of game play. It is impossible to use button 4 and button 1 at the same time (the 2 buttons combo used by the most gamers today), sadly I cannot comprehend that Logitech, the number 1 leader in mice, refuses to add thumb mouses (ie. as said, if those buttons are requested by the costumers because of their pink’s they dan software disable it…), keeping only the non-selling (yes, I work at a computer shop and can say which mice are selling) ergonomic odd shaped mouses. I don’t know, I hope I’m wrong and frustrated but wither way, for the sake of costumers you guys should reinstate at least 1 of the predecessor for the old trusted costumers (just like your competition, keeping their selling line intact). Other than that, looking forward to test it out.
    Good-day to you all!

    • Hi Boefje,

      Thanks for your input – we’ll keep it in mind as we develop future products. Not every mouse is right for every user, which is why we make a range of different mice for different play styles.


  • Loving the design and ergonomics of this new mouse. Looks like a G700 cut in half and symmetrically mirrored. Would’ve been a 1st day purchase if it weren’t for the off-center sensor position, so I’ll have to skip on that one : (

  • The G300 seems like a winner for me. Ordered one as soon as I found out about it.

    Finally, logitech offering an ambidextrous gaming mouse. If this was a lefty ergo design with a center-placed sensor, then it would be perfect for me. For me, big lights not necessary. Small indicator lights for different profiles is sufficient. Lack of side buttons not a major issue.

    Fingertip style
    Interesting addition of buttons on top (could be good or bad)

    Not a full ergonomic design with mirrored versions for left and right-handed gamers.
    Lack of side buttons

  • First off I wanted to say your doing an amazing job Chris by responding to everyone. I preordered a g300 on aug 30th, I live in San Francisco California and wanted to know when will it be shipped out?

    • Hi Timothy,

      Thanks – I try hard to have a good answer for everyone. 🙂

      We will be taking the product off pre-order in the very near future and you should see units shipping out shortly. We ship from east of the Mississippi so depending on the shipping method you chose it may get to you sometime next week. Unfortunately I can’t be more specific than that.


  • Hay Chris,
    Thanks for all the responses I read each one and learned a lot of about mouse I didn’t know about. I’m a newbie in gaming products and I thought that this was the right mouse for me because it didn’t have side buttons so I wouldn’t always hit it by accident. So if I ordered ground shipping and shipped it to Colorado from your previous comment I predict 3-4 weeks right? Thanks again Chris.

    • Hi Jerome,

      The G300 is no longer on preorder, so orders from should be fulfilled fairly quickly. I don’t think it would take as long as three to four weeks to get to Colorado.


  • Hi Chris im a progamer thats in America and gonna be participating in gsl in korea soon was also top 3 every season in wow on bloodlust. I can tell you that you are doing a good job and do care about the community! But there are couple problems I would like to address, I have tested logitech,razer,microsoft and steelseries, honestly the build quality is not too great for any of them except razer meaning i have bought 3 of the same mouse of different series from each company and all felt different and go bad differently from each other. I test the g9x from your company also,g400,g1 and mx518 and bought 3 of each and could tell that one mouse was from different from another even though the g9x’s are technically the same mouse,one mouse had jitter problems another had clicks that felt less tactile then another and one was just fine.Also Chris I dont know if you know this but pro gamers dont care about the extra buttons if you see the gsl they all use your old school g1 we need that here in America, all pro gamers care about is the build quality and durability of the mouse which is becoming increasingly harder to find, please Chris release your g100 here in America we need a cheaper alternative to the mouses on the market today and of course ambidextrous :),no mouse correction and 400 dpi would also be great :)!Oh and by the way all my accomplishments were pretty much done with one mouse,it was your m-bj58 mouse which is the same shape as your g1.It lasted me 6 years maybe a little over i loved it so much that when it broke i literally could not play at the same performance and when i tried to rebuy it you guys didnt sell it and did not offer the same shape.That is a another thing we pro gamers like mouses that are constantly being built for years just like how the wheel mouse optical was considered one of the best gaming mouse if not the best,that is because it was getting built straight for over 10 years,getting used to a new mouse is like getting used to living with a new step mom it takes time, time we we dont have. So if you get something out of this it is that you will make alot of money if you stay with one shape like the g1 thats always being built and had better build quality. The wheel mouse optical also just got discontinued if you released the g100 or something like g1 ambidextrous shape, i believe your company will make alot of money.If you do read this Chris thanks for your time you make us pro gamers have a future in esports.:)

  • Really glad when I saw this mouse was available – the Razers a bit too pricey for me, and as a lefty I love the symmetrical design. But very disappointed in the lack of Mac OS X support.

    Is the programmable DPI stored in the hardware? I.E. Could I possibly raise the DPI level on a windows machine, and then plug it into my Mac for the 2000 dpi support?

    • Hi Nhex,

      The DPI, report rate, lighting color, and button programming information are all stored on the mouse and can be set on a Windows PC, then used on a Mac.


  • This mouse looks pretty awesome. I just want to know if it has a scroll wheel that isn’t too sensitive so I can, for example, select blocks in Minecraft or weapons in other games accurately. Like, you know, when you scroll, you can hear the clicking noise?
    Thanks for the help,

    • Hi ColdBirdZero,

      The scroll wheel has a relatively soft detent and does not make an audible clicking noise. The wheel is not any more sensitive than our other wheels, though, and will not scroll through items/weapons faster than our other wheels.


  • Why are you guys not remaking the Logitech Wingman? I know many people really loved that mouse and are longing for a remake. It had the best shape ever!

    • Hi Maarten,

      I actually was on the team that put it together back in 1998/99, and I have one hanging on my cubicle wall unopened. While I can’t comment on future product development, I can say that we take into account as much feedback as possible when making decisions for our next generations of products. So you never know!


  • Hi Chris

    Finally got my mouse and loving every bit of it but im having trouble making profiles for my games Combat Arms (fps) and Vindictus(action) both made my nexon. I cant find stuff to put in Select Game Executable.

    • Hi Jerome,

      For Vindictus, you will need to search for the file “Vindictus.exe” on your hard drive. Combat Arms does not have its own executable, so you’ll need to either configure the default profile to work the way you want it to in Combat Arms, or assign the buttons in the G300’s onboard memory and use Onboard Memory mode while playing Combat Arms.


  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks I got everything up and running. With all the features of the mouse i absolutely love while in game play and out side of game play. I use all the buttons efficiently by shifting the DPI to low settings when sniping and back to high when im close range using the G9 button. But I just have one small problem and it is the resistance behind the wheel. In the future I would like it a little bit more loose. I could understand people may accidentally move the mouse screwing there skills up but I don’t want it that loose. Just a suggestion thanks!

    • Glad you like it, and thanks for the feedback. We’ll take it into consideration as we develop future products.


  • Hey Chris,
    Just got ahold of the mouse and as expected, I need to get used to the little buttons, especially with to ones from the right side (I’m right handed), they’re a bit odd to click with the ring finger.
    Altough, I have to mention, the size it’s amazing, it feels good and solid, as well the traking it’s very precise, thus keep up the good work.
    To avoid letting the mouse die after 3 years on me, I bought 2 (just no to run in the same issue as with my old mx300 then G3 being discontinued lol), however, ask the dev team to develop similar sized mouses but with tumb buttons in the future, thus from my side you guys have 6 years time to decide about that:D
    Other than that 9/10.

    I have (must have missed the answer) 1 question for you: Is the polling rate from profile 1 and 2 hardcoded? Whatever I do, I cannot save them above 500, only the third one. Thanks!


    • Hi Boefje,

      Glad you like it – hope it continues to work well for you.

      The USB report rate is not limited to 500/second in profiles 1/2, and what you’re describing seems to be a bug, though it’s really inconsistent. I’ve found I can get it to stick by either selecting other report rates before selecting the one I really want, or waiting 5-10 seconds after you change the report rate to ensure that the system has a chance to complete the update of the mouse before changing away from that profile. I will be having our engineers look at it for a future update.


  • I pre-ordered this and it finally came. If you have non-small hands, this mouse is only viable as a pure claw grip mouse – palm and fingertip grips either leave your fingers hanging over the front edge of the mouse or have the base of your fingers hampered by the palm rest bump. The mouse is adequate in other respects.

  • Hi Chris

    Can you inform me, when will it comes to Indonesia?
    I’m using the G400 right now and the only disadvantage for me is it has no onboard memory.


  • Hi Chris

    Can you inform me, when will it come to Indonesia?
    I’m using the G400 right now and the only disadvantage for me is it has no onboard memory.


    • Hi Irfan,

      The G300 should be available in Indonesia shortly, if not already. If you check with a local shop and they do not have it, they should be able to order it. I do not have more detailed information than that.


  • Hi Chris. I’ve been looking forward to get this mouse since it was announced, but I’m yet to find a retailer here in Australia to buy it from.

    Do you know when it should be available here in AUS? Thanks

  • Hey as a lefty was impressed by the feel of the G300 when I purchased today in Australia…until I followed the directions to grab the drivers to fire up BF3…..but alas according to logitech website the product is not available in my country.

    So I guess until I move to the US or get a refund I am stuck ?

    Seriously the ip redirect blocks the documentations location of the driver

    ho hum

    anti sales department strikes again!

    Go Office Works…grey importer?

    either way disappointed left handed Aussie gaming Logitecher


    • Hi Bish,

      Sorry for the frustration there. The G300 uses the same software as the G400 and all Logitech gaming keyboards. As a workaround, instead of selecting G300 as your product you can select one of these other products and the same software will be downloaded. This link should get you to a download page for the LGS 8.12 software.


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