Logitech and TechLit Africa Partner to Support Children’s Education

Logitech is proud to announce its partnership with TechLit Africa, a tech non-profit that teaches digital skills to students in rural African schools. Logitech and TechLit Africa have joined forces to support technological development with the distribution of Logitech products to children currently in TechLit’s program. 

TechLit was founded by two software engineers; Nelly Cheboi, a native Kenyan who grew up in poverty and Tyler Cinnamon , a self-taught programmer who grew up immersed in technology. Identified as part of the Logitech MX series #WomenWhoMaster, Nelly is an inspiration to Logitech, as she continues her mission to bring more Kenyans into the digital economy and develop effective, scalable solutions to poverty.

“Growing up in poverty myself, I believe strongly in the power of remote work and outsourcing to lift communities out of poverty and give them meaningful careers,” said Nelly Cheboi, founder of TechLit Africa. “This work, however, does take significant investment and it can be difficult to find genuine supporters. When we went out into the world to pitch this story and realized it was not going to be as easy as we had hoped, along came Logitech. Logitech has supported our mission every step of the way. For the children in particular, it has made the biggest impact. Many of these kids may not have the best uniforms and their families may be struggling to make ends meet, but from an education and technology standpoint, they are using and learning from the most sophisticated devices. This means so much to them, because it shows that someone is invested in their futures, and that the poverty that they are experiencing is only temporary.”   









Honored to donate new and “open box” products to TechLit Africa, these products, often with out of date branding, damaged boxes or potentially returned items, are fully functional, but might otherwise be recycled before the end of their working lifecycle. This program extends the lifecycle in a sustainable way that benefits the environment and communities – in this case schools in underserved areas.

As an additional initiative with TechLit, the #WomenWhoMaster movement, led by Logitech MX, is supporting TechLit Africa’s mission to eradicate poverty in Kenya through technical literacy by funding all of the computer classes at its Logiri School. 

“We’re always looking to give back to communities in a meaningful and sustainable way. TechLit is an incredible organization that is doing so much to positively impact children in Africa and we’re honored to be supporting these efforts,” said Elaine Laird, Head of People & Culture at Logitech. “Giving in this way, while also extending the lifecycle of our open box products, not only reduces our own carbon footprint, but also helps provide advancement opportunities in technology for all.”

Since 2021, TechLit has partnered with 33 schools, across Kenya and Uganda giving over 10,000 kids opportunities to learn a variety of programs and gain technical skills that will position them for family-sustaining jobs and brighter futures. TechLit provides the tech, curriculum and educators, while the schools cover the local operations, making the projects sustainable and long-term.

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