Make Your Statement with Logitech’s Pebble 2 Collection

Self-expression has never been more relevant, so now’s the time to let your vibe shine in your personal set-up! Introducing the new Logitech Pebble 2 Collection, an iconic keyboard and mouse to make your workspace match your aesthetic tastes.

A modern, minimalist duo, Pebble 2 Combo features the new Pebble Keys 2 K380s keyboard and Pebble Mouse 2 M350s mouse, an upgrade to the fan-favorite Logitech K380 and Pebble. Make your statement with this slim combo that comes in five fresh colors* – made with recycled plastic – to suit your vibe: Tonal Graphite, Tonal White, Tonal Rose, Tonal Sand, and Tonal Blue. Enjoy seamless device hopping at the press of a button with this super portable duo, so you can work, browse and chat how you want, where you want. A dedicated Pebble 2 Combo for Mac is also available.

The Pebble Keys 2 K380s brings comfy, feel-good typing to your fingertips with scooped round keys and a quiet, laptop-like typing experience. Instantly access search, screen capture, emoji menu, and more with the Fn shortcut keys to free up your time and get more done. Or use Logi Options+ App** to personalize the 10 Fn keys, like opening your most used applications instantly, so you can do things your way. 

Your go-to portable mouse, Pebble Mouse 2 M350s features a slim, lightweight design with a round, pebble shape that fits naturally in the palm of your hand. With Silent Touch technology that removes 90% of click noise***, let your work speak louder than your clicks. Personalize the middle mouse button with Logi Options+ App to assign shortcuts for your favorite apps, like sending emojis on Whatsapp or shuffling your Spotify playlist, or do everyday actions like show/hide desktop, screen capture, and more. Hit play on our “Defy Boring” Spotify playlist here

A sustainable collection, Pebble 2 Combo, Pebble Keys 2 K380s and Pebble Mouse 2 M350s are certified carbon neutral and come in responsibly-sourced packaging. The plastic parts include certified post-consumer recycled plastic****: 

  • Pebble Keys 2 K380s: 64% for Tonal Graphite and 49% for Tonal White, Tonal Rose, Tonal Sand, and Tonal Blue
  • Pebble Mouse 2 M350s: 76% for Tonal Graphite and 58% for Tonal White, Tonal Rose, Tonal Sand, and Tonal Blue

Defy boring and express yourself at your workspace with the new Pebble 2 Collection, available now at

* Colors available vary depending on region.
** Available on Windows and macOS at
*** Click noise is reduced by over 90% compared to Logitech M185. Left click and typing dBA level measured by an independent lab at 1 meter.
**** Pebble 2 Combo plastic content: Pebble Keys 2 K380s minimum 49% recycled plastic and Pebble Mouse 2 M350s minimum 58% recycled plastic, excluding plastic in printed wiring assembly and packaging.