Logitech G CLOUD Gaming Handheld Launches Across Europe

Author: Thadeous Cooper, Head of Marketing, Logitech G: Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is booming—and we here at Logitech G are thrilled to be at the forefront of an industry that is being revolutionized every day. By 2029, the cloud gaming market is anticipated to reach $40.81B—evidence that the new way to play isn’t changing anytime soon. 

As the leading provider of gaming technologies and gear, it was a no brainer for us when it came to designing our Logitech G CLOUD Gaming Handheld; last year, we initially brought our now award-winning G CLOUD Gaming Handheld to market, introducing a product that changes what it means to game. 

We wanted to challenge ourselves by building a gaming handheld that not only frees gamers from the constraints of a PC, but is enjoyable to play and pretty to look at. The new age of play is here: the G CLOUD is a beautifully-designed, sleek and modernized take on the typical cloud gaming experience. Gone are the days of only shades of black and gray in gaming gear—the G CLOUD is a strong testament to Logitech G’s proven track record of providing products that are technologically advanced, aesthetically pleasing and thrilling to play.

One of our core pillars here at Logitech G is to provide the tools and solutions that empower our community of gamers and creators to play their way—we kept this aspect in mind during every step of the development process of the G CLOUD, and wanted to ensure that the gaming handheld could be enjoyed for every kind of play, whenever and wherever.

Fast forward to today, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Logitech G CLOUD Gaming Handheld in Europe. Starting May 22, 2023 our favorite play-your-way device will be available in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland, as well as the United States and Taiwan. We’re honored to be opening up the cloud gaming space to gamers and creators all around the world—and we can’t wait to see how you get creative with your play!

Adding on to our global expansion, and resulting from months of hard work, research and listening to our community, the Logitech G CLOUD Gaming Handheld now features several amazing performance enhancements, including: added capabilities for mapping physical controls to points on the screen, enabling players to play mobile games without being tied down to a controller; analog stick sensitivity and curve customization, allowing for increased sensitivity for thumb sticks and greater control over the controller experience; a new partnership with Shadow Cloud Computing, empowering players to seamlessly use their gaming handheld as a fully virtualized PC; and finally, dead zone customization, where players can fully customize joysticks and triggers for the perfect balance of play.

We’re also thrilled to announce that as a result of our partnerships and in celebration of the global expansion, we are offering a special bundle for our gaming and creator communities that includes up to 6 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (includes Xbox Cloud Gaming), 1 month of NVIDIA GeForce NOW Priority, and 1 month of Shadow PC. Available in select countries effective from May 22 to June 22, 2023 while bundle supplies last.

We couldn’t be more excited to bring the Logitech G CLOUD Gaming Handheld to the world, and can’t wait to see how our incredible community continues to change up traditional gaming.

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