Revive your work life: How to use the Brio 300 and career coaching to progress your career

Job satisfaction is at an all time low with a huge 40% of employees thinking about leaving their job. Burn-out, relationship frictions, an unhealthy work-life balance: today’s employers are increasingly aware that cultivating happier workplaces improves retention and prevents poor mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, and employees are increasingly unwilling to accept subpar work environments.

To help combat this problem, Logitech has partnered with the career coaching platform, MoreHappi, to share how you can take back control of your work life. Online coaching enables employees to progress their careers, solve challenges and gain support when stepping up into new roles, all via video call from the comfort of their own home. Coaching sessions tackle a multitude of critical aspects of a workers’ ability to be happy and productive, in their professional and personal lives.  

Because online coaching takes place via video calls, workers can fit a session anywhere – ideally somewhere quiet and private – at a time that suits their diary. And having high-quality video and audio allows both coach and coachee to benefit from the feeling of a face-to-face session no matter where they’re dialling in from. Using a high-quality webcam such as Logitech’s BRIO 300, for example, creates a more natural video call experience, letting you be seen, heard and understood with clarity.

There are still a lot of misconceptions about coaching, so Logitech and the More Happi coaches have co-created a series of videos to myth-bust and answer key questions. Some things to know about coaching:

Coaching is not the same as therapy. Unlike therapy, coaching is non-directive, by using questions, tools and frameworks coaches support you in raising your own awareness, freeing you to come up with the solutions you need. With an action-oriented approach focusing on where you are now versus where you want to be, a workplace coach can clear your mind, empowering you to build skills, energising you to take on what’s next. 

If therapy were your doctor, coaching would be your personal trainer, helping you to unlock your potential. 

67% report better work-life balance after coaching. Some employees only get help when things are dire; burnout can be missed; good habits and healthy choices are left to chance.

With coaching, workers develop strategies to create more balance, healthier habits are worked on, people understand their limits and how not to breach them, and anxiety and stress are reduced. For Logitech, it’s important that your workspace reflects your need to switch off, so it designed the BRIO 300 webcam with an integrated privacy shutter, for those moments. 

70% increased work performance after coaching. Many workers muddle through with low commitment or accountability, lost as to how they can put plans into place to succeed. Coaching provides a space where employees can develop a clear idea about what drives them and devise ways to bring this to their work. With the LogiTune app employees can easily adjust the BRIO 300’s colour and resolution settings to their preferences, leaving them to join calls feeling confident and engaged.

You can find the full series on our social channels @logitech as well as on @bemorehappi. 

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