The Hybrid Meeting Experience is Broken – It’s Our Goal to Fix It

Together, Logitech and Microsoft Make Hybrid Meetings More Equitable for Everyone

Microsoft is on a mission to make meetings more inclusive and to ensure all participants are equally represented, whether they join remotely or in person. It’s a vision that nicely complements Logitech’s goal of creating more equitable meetings for hybrid teams. Together, Logitech and Microsoft are designing meeting room solutions that deliver a better, more inclusive experience for everyone.

Inclusive Meetings with Microsoft Signature Teams Rooms

In early 2022 Microsoft announced Front Row, a content layout designed to allow in-room participants to interact more naturally with remote colleagues. The company also announced IntelliFrame, which enhances the focus and framing of in-room meeting attendees so that all meeting participants – including those in the room – appear in their own individual frames. More recently, Microsoft introduced Signature Teams Rooms, which combines thoughtful room design features with Front Row and IntelliFrame.

How Logitech Powers Signature Teams Rooms

To support the vision of equitable meetings, Logitech delivers a comprehensive set of hardware and software that complement Signature Teams Rooms. Logitech Rally Bar Mini is the ideal video bar for Signature Teams Rooms equipped with a curved table like the Ocular Table from Steelcase. The video bar’s wide field of view allows the lens to easily capture everyone from the front of the room, and its high-performance speaker and adaptive beamforming mics ensure that everyone is heard clearly.

Even more important than the hardware is the videobar’s intelligent camera capabilities which enhance the Teams Rooms experience for all participants. 

With RightSight 2 Grid View, Remote Workers Get a Far Better Experience

When the majority of participants attend meetings in-person, remote attendees can suffer. As conversations happen between in-room attendees, remote workers often struggle to see and hear everyone clearly. Traditional meeting rooms and front-of-room cameras are restricted in their ability to clearly capture and frame in-person attendees, leaving remote workers feeling sidelined and disengaged.

To address this issue, Logitech released Grid View for Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini. Grid View uses AI and the two-camera system on these video bars to intelligently detect and frame in-room meeting participants, cut out empty space, and zoom in on each person to place them in their own frame.

For remote participants, this view of individuals in the room helps mimic the experience of being in the room with them. It creates a level playing field, which encourages greater participation from everyone.

Grid View is now available on Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini for Teams Rooms on Windows with the CollabOS 1.8 update. This advanced AI capability by Logitech enables Microsoft’s IntelliFrame feature for Teams Rooms.

Logitech’s AI-driven camera technology and Microsoft’s innovative software elegantly blend Grid View, IntelliFrame, and Front Row features into a unified meeting experience. Front Row creates a more inclusive experience for those in the room; Grid View and IntelliFrame offer remote participants a similarly equitable experience.

Together, Logitech and Microsoft are deploying meeting room solutions that promote more inclusive hybrid collaboration. Individuals and teams should have the capabilities and confidence to meet, create, and succeed from anywhere, and our solutions help them do just that.