Logitech Celebrates Passing of Right for Marriage Act

Logitech has a proud history of supporting LGBTQ+ efforts in America and across the globe. We believe equality is a fundamental value, and being open and ourselves is a central feature of the inclusive culture we are building. Our core values reflect equity, and respect for all as we strive for a more inclusive world where all people can truly be themselves.

Logitech is proud to support the Respect for Marriage Act and we commend Congress and the Administration for getting this important legislation across the finish line. Earlier this year, we joined with more than one hundred business colleagues urging lawmakers to codify same sex marriage and similarly supported legal marriage protections in Switzerland in 2020.  

This legislation is a great next step to ensuring civil rights and equal protection under the law.  We are pleased that our employees and all other Americans will now receive the marriage protections they have long deserved. 

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