Set up for success: how to use the BRIO 500 and Zone Vibe 100 to nail your next virtual interview

By Sonya Barlow, guest author

Interviewing is one of those things everyone on the planet does. Traditionally, discussions were for job interviews and career conversations. So when I started a business, I hadn’t considered the interviews I would have to give, which came to life when bringing on new clients, presenting for bids or speaking to the media. According to research, over 29% of us fear the interview process, and of course, this number is higher when you add virtual interviews, the tech set up and remembering to unmute yourself to the equation. 

In my career, I have had moments where my webcam has stopped working, the technology doesn’t interact, or my microphone has no audio. Though all these things occur sometimes, the feeling of anxiety is only amplified in the interview setting – you can’t help but think about what the interviewer will say, which will limit your progression and how silly you look at that moment.

Therefore, I am glad that Logitech is ready to support careers and connectivity through its new products: the Brio 500 webcam and Zone Vibe 100 headset. Here are five interview tips you need to smash your interview, with information on the set-up, body framing, and also switching off when the process is done.

  1. Immerse yourself in the experience. The area you interview is crucial because it needs to build your confidence whilst destressing your nerves. Make sure you plan your interview space, which could mean dressing up your tech and laptop in different places in the house to ensure that the wifi works and the lighting is bright. Ensure the camera positioning has a clean background (you can use the blur functionality to ensure that the background is neat) and that the sound is accessible. A remarkable feature of the Brio 500 camera is that it has an auto light correction and noise cancelling, which brings extra comfort, especially when you live in a big family household like mine. 
  2. Frame your body. According to Albert Mehrabian, 55% of communication is conveyed through facial expressions, gestures and posture and 28% through tone (British Library). For this reason, I suggest framing the webcam so you can see the upper part of your body and some space around it. If it feels tight, zoom in or out using the camera and see what fits best. The way you move is a significant indicator of your ability to thrive. Luckily, if you move (a lot like me), the Brio 500 camera will follow your movement, relieving any worries that you’re not in the frame. Side note: doing it this way can be blazer on top and pyjamas at the bottom if you want, and no one has to know.
  3. Practice makes perfect. With every interview comes a page full of requirements, and whilst that may bring anxiety, practising your answers will ease the process and set you up for success. Use this time to position yourself in a comfortable chair, have the camera on eye level and record yourself as you deliver the answers. Through the ability to connect to any device and software, use free tools such as Google or zoom to record your round and watch it back to make minor adjustments. I use my Logitech Zone Vibe 100 headphones and Brio 500 webcam to practise my speeches and pitches before online delivery; this boosts my confidence, capability and connections to the people listening.
  4. Introduce yourself with pride. They say the first 7 seconds count when making an impression, so ensure that you look directly into the camera and speak into the microphone. Don’t worry about projecting your voice louder than needed; focus on enunciating your words with a smile, as the dual mics with directional beamforming tech and digital signal processing will pick up your voice and project them back into the virtual room. I would also add that rolling your shoulders around, elevating your head high and pausing between sentences boost your confidence.
  5. Snap the integrated privacy shutter shut and chill. The best case scenario is that the interview went well; the worst case is that it didn’t go to plan, and the interviewer saw or heard your reaction after it was done. We all had seen the videos of people doing random stuff when they didn’t realise their camera was closed, from sleeping in meetings to swearing at staff. To avoid mishaps, the Logitech webcam has an easy flick-close integrated privacy shutter and simple on-ear controls to turn off the headphones. We can’t go back in time to change what was said (or wasn’t), so we may as well snap the shutter close and take time to chill.

Technology is a powerful tool and, if used correctly, can be a life-changing device enabling you to reach your goals. To show up as your best self, you need to invest in equipment to help that come to life. By having a webcam that captures you in a picture (full HD resolution, that is), a noise-cancelling headset which you can connect with Bluetooth and all day life battery, you avoid any mishaps with quality, content or wires. It may not seem like a big deal, but these small yet significant changes will ultimately boost your sense of self, position you as a changemaker and boost the confidence you need to continue. 

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