Logitech Celebrates Passage of Historic Climate Legislation

Logitech is celebrating the news that President Biden has signed into law the historic climate and clean energy investments contained in the Inflation Reduction Act.

This bill is projected to cut the United States’ climate footprint by more than 40% by 2030 and, just as importantly, ensure that the global Paris climate framework stays on track, which benefits everyone and every country around the globe.

As a global company committed to climate solutions, Logitech has long recognized the critical nature of government action when it comes to combating the climate crisis.

“Companies like Logitech will continue to reduce our own carbon footprint, but to truly address the full lifecycle of our products, we need to have homes, businesses, and manufacturing solutions powered by clean energy. The historic climate investments contained in this legislation go a long way toward ensuring that the energy that goes into making, distributing and powering one of our devices is clean and green.” – Bracken Darrell, Logitech CEO   

So let’s celebrate today, and keep the pressure on tomorrow. The climate can’t wait, and neither will we.  

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