Logitech Joins the Human Rights Campaign to Urge the U.S. Senate to Pass the Respect for Marriage Act

Logitech has joined the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), and more than 170 companies, to support the Respect for Marriage Act (RMA) by releasing a sign-on letter urging U.S. Senators to vote in favor of the bill. The legislation, which passed in the House this month, would nationally codify federal marriage equality by guaranteeing the federal rights, benefits, and obligations of marriages in the federal code; repeal the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA); and affirm that public acts, records and proceedings are recognized by all states. 


Logitech is proud to support the Human Rights Campaign and its efforts to bring the federal Respect for Marriage Act (RMA) closer to becoming law. Logitech is honored to have joined a diverse group of businesses and organizations across various industries to continue to support diversity and inclusion in the workplace, as well as equality not only for its employees, but also for its customers, partners and the communities it serves. 


The full press release and letter from the Human Rights Campaign can be found on hrc.org 

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