As Gamers’ Demographics Change, So Should Their Gear

 By Tiffany Beers, Head of Innovation at Logitech G

The word “gamer” probably conjures up an image of a teen boy wearing a headset in a darkened room, having fun with his friends and oblivious to the outside world. But you might be surprised to learn that nearly 50% of gamers identify as women. Unfortunately, the gaming gear available to players has not kept pace with these changing demographics. A lot of gaming gear still takes a one-size-fits-most approach that caters to a traditional, stereotypical type of gamer. But that stereotype hasn’t been accurate for some time.

We began our journey with an acknowledgement that we didn’t see ourselves or our styles in our own product offerings, and we wanted to change that. As the demographics of gamers change, shouldn’t their gear change with them? So we went straight to the source, women who game, and asked them: what are you looking for in your gear? Through this extensive research, this is what we found: 

  1.   Players are looking for immersive and social gaming experiences that value exploration and connection over competition and winning. The Aurora Collection embraces these players and allows them to come as they are and play their way.

There are many types of players and playstyles. Gamers enjoy escaping and immersing themselves into rich storylines and exciting gameplay. Sometimes they just want to plug in, relax, de-stress and hang out with their chosen communities. Many of them have even built strong connections and friendships with the people they game with – even if they’ve never met in real life.

  1. Players want a gaming kit that fits comfortably, enhances their gaming experience, blends into their lifestyle and makes them feel empowered. The Aurora Collection invites gamers to a new age of play where comfort and style prevail and gaming performance is in their hands. The Aurora Collection has everything players need to look and play their best.

The Aurora Collection features Premium Gaming-Grade Gear with tangible innovation and feature benefits. Just because some gamers play for fun doesn’t mean they should sacrifice the quality or performance of your gear. When gaming gets serious, they want their gear to respond with accuracy and precision.

  1.   Players want their gaming gear to challenge the status quo of gaming to create experiences for everyone. The Aurora Collection is the first purpose-built collection that meets the needs and wants of a deeply underrepresented segment of the gaming community: women who game at the center, but for the benefit of everyone who aligns with the collection’s values and design language. 

It’s about much more than a cool color palette. The allure of gaming continues to attract an incredibly wide spectrum of gamers. The Aurora Collection makes sure players everywhere begin to see more of themselves in gaming culture and part of our long-term commitment at Logitech G is to provide products that enable everyone to experience the joys of play. 

We put our heart into the Aurora Collection, and we hope that it forwards our goal of Advancing Play for All.

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