Collaborate Across Different Platforms with Direct Guest Join

Over the last couple of years, remote workers have grown accustomed to being able to easily join any video meeting service at any time. Now, as people return to the office, they expect that same user-friendly experience in the conference room.

That’s why interoperability is essential in today’s distributed, cloud-based work environment. It needs to be effortless for people to communicate and collaborate across different operating systems, platforms, and devices. 

We are excited to announce Direct Guest Join, a new feature that makes it simpler than ever to do just that. Direct Guest Join lets you easily join Microsoft Teams meetings from Zoom Rooms Appliances, and Zoom meetings from Teams Rooms on Android. 

See how it works with Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android:

and Zoom Rooms Appliances:

By connecting Zoom and Microsoft, Direct Guest Join brings a new level of flexibility, ease, and scalability to enterprise video collaboration. With this feature, hybrid teams can expand their boundaries and break down barriers to communication and collaboration. 

How it Works

  • Enable third-party meetings in your platform’s settings
  • Invite a Teams room or Zoom room to your meeting
  • In one touch, the Teams service will join a Zoom call, and vice versa

For more information on the feature, refer to technical articles from Microsoft and Zoom.

Direct Guest Join is available on Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini devices running CollabOS 1.6.552 or higher. It is available for Logitech Windows-based room systems and Logitech solutions for Teams on Android and Zoom Appliance.

Get Direct Guest Join via a free CollabOS software update using Sync now, or with Microsoft Teams admin center and Zoom Device Management as the updates become available.