Spark the Brainstorm: Interactive Displays with Logitech + Zoom Rooms For Touch

Interactive Displays: The Gateway to the Brainstorm 

Sketching out a flowchart? Creating a diagram? Collaborating on a group whiteboard is the go-to way to distill ideas and discover solutions in real time. But when a significant number of the team is remote on any given day, it’s challenging to make the brainstorm equitable for everyone. 

That’s why Logitech has partnered with Zoom and the world’s leading interactive display manufacturers, empowering hybrid teams to create, collaborate, and contribute together, without missing a beat.

This network of interactive display partners transforms Logitech video collaboration solutions for Zoom Rooms into an interactive touch experience. Teams using an interactive display with Logitech + Zoom Rooms can enjoy multi-touch functionality, room control, and advanced whiteboard capabilities, encouraging a more engaging environment for everyone tuning in.

Logitech Ecosystem Solutions for Zoom Whiteboard

The completely rebuilt Zoom Whiteboard provides a collaboration space where individuals, hybrid teams, and remote teams can come together, brainstorm, and learn. It’s easy to navigate the infinite canvas, but sometimes a larger physical screen can help participants visualize the big picture.

The new Zoom Whiteboard is now available on Rally Bar Mini, Rally Bar, and RoomMate with the latest CollabOS 1.6.x update when paired with a touch-enabled display. PC-based meeting rooms running Zoom Rooms 5.10.3 can also enjoy the latest Zoom Whiteboard has to offer.

Logitech’s expansive partner ecosystem includes a wide variety of interactive display types and sizes, from notable global brands such as Avocor, i3-Technologies, LG, Philips, and Samsung. Customers can take advantage of bundled solutions or choose to leverage an existing interactive display installation, turning any space into a collaboration hub.

Companion Whiteboards with RoomMate 

Complement any Zoom Room by adding a Logitech RoomMate to an interactive display as a Companion Whiteboard.  A companion whiteboard does not require any additional audio or video peripherals, as it pairs with existing Zoom Rooms hardware. This provides a simple purpose-built Zoom Whiteboard solution allowing in-room participants to annotate and collaborate. 

RoomMate is a secure and easy-to-manage appliance solution for any Zoom Room.  As a modular appliance, RoomMate can be deployed as a Zoom Whiteboard, Zoom Rooms, kiosk, digital signage, and more.

Companion Whiteboard will soon be available with an upcoming CollabOS and Zoom Rooms software update.

Modularity For the Win

Logitech video collaboration solutions are fully customizable for each meeting space, enabling customers to choose how they want to design their ideal Zoom Room. Modular hardware placement allows the installer to place cameras and displays at optimal locations, ensuring the best meeting experience for all participants.

For example, spaces with two displays can locate the interactive display on an adjacent wall from the camera. This helps promote a more natural feel when interacting with the whiteboard and collaborating with remote meeting participants.  

When it’s time for a hardware refresh, customers have the flexibility to independently upgrade either their display or video collaboration solution depending on the shifting demands of hybrid work. This prevents wasteful ripping and replacing of equipment, further extending the value of meeting room hardware investments, while also promoting a greener future.

Bring ideas to life, in and out of the meeting room, with flexible meeting solutions from Logitech and Zoom.