We are shocked and deeply concerned by the crisis in Ukraine. 

We are witnessing violence and, in its face, courage, heroism and camaraderie. The loss of life, massive outflow of people fleeing Ukraine and damaged infrastructure are all part of the humanitarian crisis unfolding across the region. And what most of us see from a distance doesn’t capture the true detail of what people are going through. 

Logitech has employees across eastern Europe, including Ukraine and Russia. And we have teammates working elsewhere around the world who are originally from Ukraine and Russia. We all hurt deeply for the Ukrainians, within Ukraine and outside. This includes Russians living outside and inside of Russia, who are equally worried about their Ukrainian neighbors. 

We stand in support of all people affected by this crisis. And we call for peace and the respect of human rights.  

Since the first day of the crisis, our primary focus and actions at Logitech have been to look out for the safety and well-being of our people, and their families and friends living in Ukraine. This includes actions around evacuation, shelter, and financial, emotional and physical safety. We continue to offer all the help we can for them. 

We also continue to support all communities in the region, making our contribution to the global humanitarian effort. That includes donations to Ukraine crisis relief, as well as practical donations of basic supplies for people in need. The company has a program in place to match the generous donations of our people, which have been startling in the sheer number participating. We welcome you to join us in donations to Global Giving’s Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund.

Our Logitech teams across the world are taking additional action. For example, our Streamlabs colleagues are encouraging streamers and creators to stream using the free charity fundraising platform, Streamlabs Charity. This helps connect streamers and their huge, influential communities to charities supporting humanitarian efforts in Ukraine and the neighboring regions. 

In parallel to our humanitarian efforts, we recently took an important additional step and are pausing shipments into Russia. We hope this pause will be temporary and that the conflict in Ukraine will come to an end soon.

We will continue to seek out opportunities to help, and remain focused on the safety and well-being of all of our teammates and their families in Ukraine and Russia, as well as all those affected across the region. 


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