Logitech RoomMate: Deploy Appliance-based Video Conferencing Solutions in Any Space

Earlier this year, we announced our next-generation portfolio of room solutions, featuring Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini, and RoomMate. RoomMate is our purpose-built CollabOS appliance that makes it easy to deploy popular solutions like Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android, Zoom Rooms Appliances, GoTo, Pexip and RingCentral with Logitech USB conference cams like Rally System and MeetUp. With RoomMate, you can deploy video conferencing solutions across all of your meeting spaces without the need for a PC or dedicated meeting room computer.

RoomMate is available now.

Purpose-built for video collaboration

In a sleek, low-profile form factor, RoomMate delivers all the power you need for HD video conferencing in rooms with one or two displays. RoomMate runs on CollabOS, the secure, unifying operating system within select Logitech Video Collaboration devices like Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini. CollabOS significantly reduces setup time so you can quickly video-enable meeting rooms. With guided installation and an intuitive user interface, CollabOS requires fewer steps to deploy devices and eliminates the need to configure a separate PC.

Modular versatility

Simply connect RoomMate with a compatible Logitech conferencecam, such as the modular Rally System or MeetUp, and turn any space into an appliance-based video conferencing room. Add a Logitech Tap touch controller, Scribe whiteboard camera*, and other video collaboration devices to your meeting rooms and deliver an unmatched experience for your hybrid teams.

Have spaces with custom audio or video needs, such as training rooms or auditoriums? RoomMate supports verified audio systems from our industry leading pro AV partners Biamp, QSC, and Shure.

Simple deployment and management at scale

RoomMate is built for deployment and management at scale. Featuring a single cable connection and multiple mounting options, RoomMate can be securely and neatly integrated into any space. Once deployed, Logitech Sync allows you to monitor room health, deploy updates, and modify settings all from a single cloud-based platform, making it easy to scale immersive video conferencing across your organization.

Learn more about Logitech RoomMate.

* Compatibility may vary, see www.logitech.com/support/scribe-compatibility for the latest information.