Make Your Workspace POP with Logitech’s New Vibrant Studio Series Keyboard and Mouse

Your workspace is craving some self-expression, so it’s time to add some color! If you’ve been looking to embrace your originality and add some personality back into your day-to-day, look no further than the new POP Keys, POP Mouse and Logitech Desk Mat, the latest products in the Logitech Studio Series to bring character, joy and productivity to your work routine.

Transform your workspace into a vibrant creative haven with three keyboard colour options and the oh-so-satisfying feeling of mechanical typing. POP Keys gives you an addictive typewriter-style experience with comfy, scooped keys that click, clack and pop. Its 12 new FN shortcuts feature Snip Screen, Mute Mic and Media Keys to facilitate the modern workday and, with eight swappable emoji keycaps, you have one-click access to your favourite emoji ?*

POP Mouse is cute and compact and designed to fit snugly in your palm. It’s also mobile enough to slip into your bag and go where you go to get things done.  With its Smartwheel, you can flip automatically from high-precision click-to-click mode to speed scrolling to fly through long docs or social feeds.  The top mouse button opens a full range of emojis to add personality to your words, and can be customized to other handy one-click functions.*

Both POP products empower multi-device creativity, connecting to up to three devices at a time via Bluetooth or the Logi Bolt wireless receiver and are available in the bold new colors Daydream, Heartbreaker and Blast. Each also comes with the promise of durability and long-lasting battery life—a signature of Logitech products.

Make your workspace as expressive as you are with POP Keys for $99.99, POP Mouse for $39.99 and Logitech Desk Mat for $19.99. Visit to purchase today. 


*Logitech Software, supported on Windows and macOS, is required to activate the Customizable Emoji Key.