How to Join Meetings Fast and On Time, Every Time

Introducing Logi Tune Agenda, Your New Best Friend for Video Meetings

Remember that time you were so absorbed in your work that you completely forgot about the important meeting you were supposed to be in? 

Thank goodness for the colleague who texted to ask if you were planning to join.

Even if that doesn’t sound familiar, this surely does: Back-to-back-to-back meetings. How many times have you joined one meeting late because another meeting didn’t end on time? 

Hey, we’ve all been there. The sudden realization that you’re late for your next meeting. But wait, which meeting? Where’s the invite? Where’s the link? Is there a password? So uncomfortable.

Introducing Logi Tune Agenda, your secret superpower for always being on time to every meeting.

A More Convenient Way to View and Join Meetings

You know Logi Tune as the free desktop app for Windows and macOS that lets you adjust settings for your Logitech webcam and headset, including the Brio and C930e webcams, Zone Wireless and Zone Wired headsets, and others. 

Logi Tune lets you optimize your webcam and headset for video meetings

Now Logi Tune has a new feature called “Agenda” that extends the capabilities of Logi Tune to help you view upcoming meetings and easily join them with just one click.

Logi Tune integrates with your work calendar to provide a quick snapshot of upcoming meetings in the Agenda view

Here’s how it works. Logi Tune now includes a new “Agenda” tab next to “My Devices” that lists your upcoming meetings. Agenda syncs with Google or Microsoft Outlook calendar to import meeting details, including links. 

When it’s time for the meeting to begin, Agenda provides a desktop notification with a “Join Now” button that allows you to directly enter into Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom meetings with just one click. No more scrolling through your calendar to find your meeting and search for the right link.

Logi Tune now provides notifications that let you jump right into your next meeting.

Logi Tune Agenda is also the feature enabling Logi Dock’s lighting cues and touch-to-join capability, adding another level of ease and convenience. An all-in-one docking station with meeting controls and noise-cancelling speakerphone, Logi Dock* provides visual cues to gently remind you of an upcoming meeting and an easy-to-reach touch button to bring you right into the meeting.

Logi Dock’s lighting cues are powered by Logi Tune Agenda and provide
a friendly reminder when meetings are about to start

Streamline Your Meetings at Work and at Home

In today’s work environment, we all find ourselves spending more and more time in meetings, getting ready for meetings, and looking for meeting IDs and links to make sure we’re not late for our meetings. 

We’d like to make this whole process easier for everyone. With Logi Tune Agenda, you can now stay on top of your meeting schedule with minimal effort on your part. Rest easier knowing Agenda has your back.

* Logi Dock was announced in September 2021 and is expected to be widely available later in the year.