Creating Simple and Equitable Meetings for Hybrid Teams

Zoomtopia 2021, like so much of the world today, is a virtual event that for first-time attendees might feel at once new and familiar. This is how we work today – sometimes meeting in person but often meeting remotely as part of a hybrid workforce. It’s an environment that we at  Logitech have  built solutions for.

Our partner Zoom created Zoom Rooms as modern workspaces for hybrid teams, well before “hybrid workforce” was a common expression. Logitech’s conference cameras and personal collaboration tools are perfect complements for Zoom.

Together, we make virtual meetings simple and equitable, allowing anyone to easily start or join a video conference and helping everyone feel included in the conversation and collaboration.

Democratizing meetings for everyone, including remote workers

Creating and joining a meeting with Zoom is as easy as sending a link. Zoom’s simplicity and ease of use helped businesses and schools quickly pivot in 2020 when COVID forced many people to work or learn from home.

At Zoomtopia, we are featuring several new products that complement Zoom and are similarly designed for simplicity and ease of use. These products help people find and join meetings faster and participate equally, whether at home or in the office. 

Optimizing the work-from-home environment

At Logitech, we believe working from home shouldn’t be a compromise. We created Logi Dock to give remote workers more control over their meeting experience and workspace. Logi Dock is an all-in-one docking station with one-touch meeting controls and a built-in speakerphone with professional-quality audio for meetings and music. Mute and video controls and intelligent lighting cues enhance the meeting experience. 

And with a single connection point for desktop devices, Logi Dock reduces desktop clutter and helps employees feel more productive. This should be a welcome sight for 77% of Americans who feel that office clutter detracts from productivity.

Let’s say goodbye to inferior cameras and poor sound quality. Remote attendees should be seen and heard clearly whenever they’re in the office, on the road, or at home. They need to be included in the conversation and full participants in collaboration.

Logitech Brio webcam, certified for business and compatible with Zoom, underscores Zoom’s mission to make video communications frictionless. Workers can focus on the discussion topic while Logitech Brio’s 4K Ultra HD automatically adjusts the lighting, whether the sun is shining brightly on your desk or you find yourself in a dimly lit room.

To ensure you always look and sound your best, we’ve introduced Logitech Zone True Wireless, the first true wireless headsets targeted to be certified for Zoom, and Logitech Zone Wired Earbuds. These headphones offer great audio, cancel out distracting background noises that impact productivity, and provide a discreet option that lets you look great and feel present.

Work-from-home employees should – and can – enjoy meetings where they look and sound as crisp as their in-office counterparts, and participate just as easily.

Improving office meetings with new room solutions

For those in the office, we recently introduced two new products that offer a more intuitive meeting experience. 

  • Tap Scheduler is a purpose-built scheduling panel for meeting rooms that mounts outside the room, displays meeting details, and allows employees to reserve a room for ad hoc or future meetings. With Tap Scheduler, anyone can see room availability at a distance and grab an open room for an impromptu meeting.
  • Tap IP is a network-connected touch controller that makes it easy to join meetings with just one touch. With a single Power over Ethernet cable, Tap IP can be installed just about anywhere to provide a consistent experience across all your meeting spaces.

These two products enhance the meeting room experience that is anchored by the Logitech Rally family of conference cameras. These include Rally Bar Mini for small meeting rooms, Rally Bar for medium-sized rooms, and Rally Plus for large rooms. 

Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini are all-in-one video appliances that can power Zoom Rooms without a separate compute device, simplifying deployment and management for IT admins. With the addition of RoomMate, Rally Plus can also be deployed as a Zoom Rooms appliance.

In addition to making it easier to deploy Zoom Rooms solutions across your organization, we’re also taking steps to make meetings fair and equitable for everyone. For example, one of our future software updates will include an integration of our RightSight 2 technology into Zoom Room’s Smart Gallery view to create a more inclusive, consistent, and predictable experience for meeting participants. The integration will use the AI Viewfinder in Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini alongside the main camera to capture both the room and the speaker, ensuring all meeting participants are in view and optimally pictured on-screen.

Bringing a whiteboard into a brainstorming session? Discussions that include a marker and Post-it Notes should also deliver an easy and equitable experience for all. Logitech Scribe, the AI-powered whiteboard camera for Zoom Rooms, broadcasts content into meetings so that even remote participants can have the best seat at the table. In the future, when added to Zoom’s Smart Gallery view, Scribe will appear as its own “tile,”  allowing participants to see a persistent view of the whiteboard without obstructing their view of other meeting attendees.

See you at Zoomtopia!

Creating seamless high-quality collaboration experiences for all is a mutual goal of Logitech and Zoom. At Logitech, we continue to co-innovate with  Zoom in the ongoing quest to meet and exceed the collaboration needs of today’s (and tomorrow’s) hybrid workforce. We look forward to speaking with you about these new solutions at Zoomtopia.