Get the Latest Security and Audio Enhancements for Rally Bar & Rally Bar Mini – CollabOS 1.3 Update

Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini receive a nice little upgrade today with the release of CollabOS 1.3.

For meeting participants, we’ve added new capabilities to fine tune the audio experience including AI-enabled noise suppression and echo control. For IT staff, you’ll be happy to know that security enhancements mean you can now connect our all-in-one video bars to your secure 802.1X wireless networks. 

All the details are below. But if you’re ready to add these enhancements now, simply upgrade to CollabOS 1.3 using Logitech Sync for devices deployed in USB mode. Or, for Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini deployed as appliances, the update will be available in your preferred device manager, such as Sync, Microsoft Teams Admin Center, or Zoom Device Management. 

Better Acoustics, Better Sound

We’ve added a number of audio enhancements to Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini that make it even easier for meeting participants to hear and be heard clearly in virtually any environment.

    • Speaker Boost: When you use Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini with one or more Rally Mic Pods, you can then turn on Speaker Boost, which increases the volume of the video bar’s speakers up to 7 dB (approximately twice as loud as the default setting) while muting the built-in mics to eliminate interference. Feel confident knowing that the sound quality is exceptional across your deployment.
    • AI Noise Suppression: We’ve all heard it before: Someone loudly typing notes on a laptop or crumpling a potato-chip bag near a mic. For anyone listening remotely, these sounds can make it difficult to hear anything else in the room. CollabOS 1.3 solves this issue by using AI-based algorithms to suppress unwanted noise, like keyboard clicks and HVAC humming, so teams can collaborate in peace. 
    • Reverb Controls: When sound reflects off hard surfaces like glass and walls, it may create echo or reverberation, which can make it difficult for remote participants to hear what people in the meeting are saying. With added controls to adjust for reverb, you can solve this problem and allow remote participants to hear conversations more clearly in acoustically challenging environments.
    • Audio EQ for Mics and Speakers: New equalizer settings focus on making conversations easier to hear and understand. Bass Boost and Voice Boost allow you to adjust frequency ranges in each meeting room environment to optimize speech clarity.

More Ways to Connect Securely in Appliance Mode

With CollabOS 1.3, Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini are now compatible with 802.1X wireless networks. We’ve also added support for installing CA certificates on the devices. These capabilities provide additional ways for you to secure your meetings. You can expect to see additional new security features in future releases of CollabOS.

Continuous Improvement

That’s our goal with CollabOS. We will continue to enhance the products powered by CollabOS, like Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini, with security features and other improvements so your organization’s employees can run more effective meetings — and you can rest easier. 

What’s next? You can update your version of CollabOS. Or, if you would like full details on the new features, updates, and improvements in CollabOS 1.3, see the release notes.