Logitech Is All In

Over the last few days, Logitech has been actively participating in the America Is All In event, where mayors, businesses, governors and other leaders urged House and Senate lawmakers from both parties to pass a bold, climate-strong infrastructure bill. 

By the end of today, the America is All In coalition, representing nearly 150 institutions including Logitech, will have had close to 70 meetings with members of Congress, Senators and their staff  – both Republicans and Democrats – calling on them to pursue immediate and bold climate policies. Together, the America Is All In coalition represents leaders and organizations from all fifty states. 

Today, Logitech’s CEO Bracken Darrell spoke at a press conference as a representative of the 80 companies who signed the letter calling on Congress to pass a bold Clean Energy Standard (CES). He was flanked by climate leaders from across industry and civil society.

At Logitech, we are doing everything we can as a company to eliminate our carbon usage and emissions, get to 100% renewable electricity, design our products to be more sustainable, and even label our products so our consumers know how much carbon it took to produce their mouse or keyboard. But the private sector alone cannot address the climate crisis. Congress must work to make clean energy more affordable and more available for companies like Logitech to be powered by 100% clean energy. That’s why Logitech signed onto the CES letter with 80 other companies – fellow industry leaders like Google, HP, Salesforce, and Unilever – urging Congress to support legislation that will transform the U.S. power grid to 100% clean energy by 2035. 

Late last night, the Senate Budget Committee came to an agreement on a $3.5 trillion budget that early reports indicate will include large investment in climate and clean energy. It is a good sign when moderates like Senator Mark Warner of Virginia agree with liberals like Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. As climate-focused business leaders, we urge the Senate to ensure that robust climate, clean energy, and environmental provisions, including a CES, are a keystone piece of this legislative package.

Millions around the globe including our employees, their families, and our customers – are already feeling the impacts of climate change. Heatwaves, fires, droughts, superstorms – all are being made worse by climate change. Now is the time for industry and government–in the US and around the world to act boldly and to act together.