Words Connect Us

At Logitech we believe that words are powerful. Words connect us. They help us understand each other and help create an environment where we feel welcome, validated and included, at the same time they can make some feel unwelcome or unseen. Embracing inclusivity of language is an important part of being an ally to the LGBTQ+ community or any underrepresented group – not only during June’s Pride celebrations, but everyday.

Whether it be understanding of personal pronouns or opening a meeting with “hi team” versus “hi guys,” inclusive language opens up conversations that allow others to share who they are and how they live, versus restricting others to fit into any preconceived assumptions. 

If it makes you a little uncomfortable – that’s ok. Think about how uncomfortable others have been for so long. Those with different identities haven’t always had a way to talk about their experience or weren’t in a position to authentically express themselves. Inclusive language helps convey respect to all people. It helps us practice sensitivity to the differences that make us unique, and to intentionally and proactively show an openness towards those differences.

Language is dynamic. What is considered inclusive is constantly evolving. You might not always know what to say, so stay humble and curious.  At Logitech, we’d rather try, ask, be curious and maybe make a mistake, but that’s better than the alternative of closing a conversation before it truly starts.

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