Streamlabs Announces Integration With TikTok

Today, Streamlabs is excited to announce an integration with TikTok which makes it easier for creators on their platform to access tools to create more interactive live streams, monetize their content, and increase engagement with viewers.

As an early access partner in the TikTok for Developers program, Streamlabs is utilizing the TikTok Login Kit to allow creators to sign in to Streamlabs using their TikTok login credentials. Through Streamlabs, creators can go live to TikTok through Streamlabs OBS and will have access to tools like tipping functionality, on-screen alerts, donation data and analytics, and more.

“Live streaming is becoming an increasingly important way for creators to connect with their audience. It allows for an unprecedented level of real-time community interaction and enables viewers to become a part of the content,” said Ashray Urs, Head of Product at Streamlabs. “It’s more than just a statement or a photo; It’s real, live content that allows viewers to have a shared experience with their favorite creators.”

Features from Streamlabs that creators on TikTok can take full advantage of include:

  • Streamlabs OBS: Used for both streaming and recording, Streamlabs OBS is a robust software for Windows and Mac that uses minimal CPU to ensure a smooth streaming experience. Creators on TikTok can easily broadcast to their viewers using an application that conveniently packages essential live streaming tools and features into an easily navigable dashboard.
  • Streamlabs Mobile App: Creators on TikTok can log into the Streamlabs mobile App, go live, and get access to features like stream overlays, alerts, and extra widgets, all from their mobile devices.
  • Tipping and Analytics: Creators can connect their PayPal account to Streamlabs and start receiving monetary support from their viewers, track total tipping volume and revenue growth over time.
  • On-screen Alerts: Creators can now add on-screen alert functionality to their live streams. When viewers send tips to their favorite creators on TikTok, an on-screen notification will prompt the creator to recognize the viewer and thank them on stream.
  • Custom Merch Store: Creators can create an online store and sell branded merchandise. Added alert functionality allows on-screen alerts to appear whenever a viewer purchases a product.
  • Widgets: Streamlabs widgets are extra interactive features that integrate seamlessly with your streaming software. Creators can use widgets to add alerts, a tip jar, donation goal, and more.

“As TikTok becomes increasingly ingrained in culture, more third-party apps across a variety of categories and use cases are looking to tap into our community on their own platforms. Through the Login Kit for TikTok, we’re providing seamless integration solutions that help developers expand their reach, increase exposure for creators, and empower our community to showcase their content on other platforms,” said Isaac Bess, Global Head of Distribution Partnerships, TikTok.